A Beautiful Evening

  As I sit here with you
gazing at those distant horizons,
I can see the twilight curling around us
like a million leaves.
Once again we have stepped
into the portals of our lost past,
Of those halcyon days
when you and me used to sit together,
And weave beautiful dreams
of our unknown future.
Ah! Now I can see that fleeting twilight dancing
And casting shadows…
On the sand, on the waves, here, there and everywhere.
Who are we? Only a mirage in the dune of history…
Yes, now we can see our youth out there somewhere
Beyond one’s reach, hidden and lost to us now and forever.
Yes, once I was like that young boy casting the fish net in glee.
And so were you – just carefree and as free as a bird in the sky…
Our best days of life have wafted into a timeless mist
And we have grown old together, with each evening…
I wish this beautiful evening would stay with us for eternity!


More by :  Smitha Abraham

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