The Sea is Calling

  The sea is calling
So, am I
Eager and impatient,
The waves are striking high

The excitement and the fun,
The sand and the sun,
Together we’ll enjoy,
Bathe in the sea, play and run

To see you happy
Is my only desire
Your innocent smile,
Is worth a million’s empire

Delicate you are,
As, you are cute,
Sometimes naughty,
And sometimes a real dude,

My arms I open out wide,
Give you the warmest of my smiles,
‘For you I am there’, it says,
So, do not be afraid of the tides

You mean the world to me,
And with you rests my joy,
I care for you my son,
So, do trust me my little boy

In you lies hope,
And, my reason to live,
Everything I have is for you
Even my dreams and all that I perceive,

So, hesitate not, ‘O, my son’
And, take the biggest stride,
The world is a big place,
Just waiting for you to decide
For, in nature’s lap lie the real treasures,
And, the real meaning of life

The birds, the rivers, the blowing wind,
The mountain, the cascades and the trees,
They all speak in a language of their own,
Like this sound of the gushing sea

This when you comprehend my dear,
And, discover their worth,
You’ll find solace and eternal happiness,
You’ll be the richest man on this earth,

The voyage of exploration is never ending,
Of, surrealism and hypnotism untold,
Of exuberant beauty and breath taking magnificence,
With innumerable surprises in hold,

For now, that you are juvenile and naïve,
I’ll be your guiding star,
Till you recognize the directions on your own,
I will hold your finger and lead you in the dark,

But, you’ll be a big man one day
With responsibilities to survive,
A small family of your own,
A cute son, and a beautiful wife,
Your son will ask you questions,
And you’ll then, teach him the meaning of life

Now that you are a kid (just eleven),
And haven’t seen much of life,
I cover you up wherever you go,
My sweet and adorable child,

But then, even when you are a grown up,
For me you’ll still remain my angel child,
And whenever you look at me,
My arms will be open out wide

Only that I’ll be older,
With wrinkles on my face,
My smile though carries the same warmth,
And, in my heart you take the same place,

Only that, I may wear spectacles,
And, need a stick to stay,
Watch my grandson on the beach instead
Running to you all merry and gay
The sun, the sand and the sea,
Everything is just like it is today,

Only that this time, I stay quiet,
And in the stillness, I hear u say

“The sea is calling
So, am I
Eager and impatient,
The waves are striking high”

Yours always,
My love, my affection and my pride 


More by :  Smita Agrawal

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