The Other Side of Reality

  A seeming icon of a contemporary Indian
who accepts modernity,
preserving our culture and heritage.
He, a typical kaliyuga putra vowed for solitude.
He, a modern persona in the oath of sanyas,
getting connected with the latest digital technology
to spread peace and harmony at ease!
Puffs of smoke paving the way into wilderness
for exploring the deep secrets of myth!

Gone are the days..
when sages live in hermitage in the wild jungles.
With a new era unfolding, and multitudes
of interesting personalities appearing in various walks of life,
These are the days where brand names matter the most.
Never can one guess the peaks and flaunters of fashion.
Who knows? He may be just another model,
wandering around in leisure in his latest attire,
which would obviously have been patented by an American firm,
But worry not, we Indians always wake up before it is too late
to fight back and claim our legacy!


More by :  Priya S

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