The Lover

  Oh! My charming, beloved wife!
My only partner for all my life!
For us together, struggle or strife
Shall be cutting butter with knife.

Sure as the sun rises in the east,
I swear upon this resting beast,
Never to hurt you in the least-
My undying love is your feast.

I promise you, with no guilt or guile,
A happy life though simple in style.
Let me never miss even for a while
Your radiant and bewitching smile.

The desert might scorch and boil,
And miles to go to find food or oil
Search for oases is an irksome toil,
But, far from the world�s turmoil.

I fear not if harsh and hot winds blow
So long as love in your eyes doth glow.
Let us our cares in gay abandon throw
And watch our sacred bond deeper grow.

In testing times shall bright hope streak,
Holding our faith from flickering weak;
Of benevolent Providence let it speak,
Raising our undaunted spirits to the peak.

Blessed am I with a wonderful bride!
With such an angel seated by my side,
I will fight the world, wicked and wide
And on victory�s crest shall soon ride.  


More by :  Pavalamani Pragasam

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