The Grace of a Woman

  Is what the world perceives from her strong solid stature,
What really lies beneath her soul and mind?
In the depth of what is behind her grace
lies a burden bequeathed upon her,
No matter what path of life she leads she lovingly nurtures it,
It is not necessarily created by her alone
but yet she must carry it alone,
No one carries the burden of life more graceful than a woman does,
She faces all walks of life with character and confidence,
As the world turns its back to her, and ridicules her plight,
What does she feel when she is alone?
How does she hold it together so magnificently in front of the world?
No one may ever ask her
because her gracefulness overpowers her agony,
This shall remain unknown to the world, hidden behind her walls,
Allowing only her elegance to emanate through the beauty of her face,
No one is able to look beyond her eyes,
To find out the source of her unhappiness,
She hides it carefully behind hidden doors in her mind,
Did God lay this upon her to endure for all life’s stakes,
What God gave to her was the strength to stand by her man,
The one man in her life
that she devotes her heart and mind to him alone,
He is at fault
for creating and placing these burdens upon her soul to bear,
The shackles that belong to him alone are placed around her feet,
He buries the keys secretly away into another’s heart,
as he bound’s her to him for life,
Subconsciously she wears her decorated ornaments
without any qualms,
She never gives the slightest gesture of dissatisfaction,
Not even to her closest friends or family does she diminish him,
She keeps her shackles out of public view
and even hidden away from him,
Does he think of how he treats
the mothers’, sisters’, daughters’, and the woman of his life?
Although God has endowed his grace upon her,
and bestowed upon her a husband,
Is this the Union God intended for us to have ‘til death do we part?  


More by :  Sonya Fuertes

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