The Diary of a Relic

  In the darkness of the night
Amidst the brightness of the world
In rhythm with the pounding rain
I feel the pull of the eternal lover
The one who made me what I am
And to whom I must return eventually
After I finish this journey of mine
To an end as inevitable as the beginning

I will come to you my love
Just give me a few more minutes
I am content with my life
So I want to cherish it some more
Reliving the memories alive within me
Made sweeter by recollection
It gives me pleasure to think over my life
These few extra moments will
Be sweeter than my entire life
Just as the aftermath of sleep
Is more pleasurable than the sleep itself

Give me a few more days in the
comfort of this relic
Cut away from the entire world
To shed a tear for every heartbreak
And let out a heartfelt laughter
for every moment of joy
I want some time to remember
the sweet poignancy of the first love
And the tragic melancholy at the loss
of a loved one
And the killing monotony
of humdrum
A few more minutes to relish
the moments of joy which I neglected
In the process of just surviving

Then I will come to you my love
And be one with you
Singing melodies of eternal love


More by :  Smitha Abraham

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