The Dark Beauty in Chains

  You dirty male chauvinist pig
Stop gawking at the
Dark beauty in chains
You have kept her chained
For god knows how many eons
You leered, leached and salivated
At her hourglass figure
Didn't you sense the shame on her face?
You used her for your carnal pleasures
(The last time she had orgasm
Was in the Treta Yuga )
You selfish arch-typal Indian male
You have showcased her
For your voyeuristic delight
You have paraded her naked
On beauty ramps and synthetic catwalks
and given her flattering titles.

If you needed her so much
To whet your lustful appetite
Why did you try to disintegrate her
In her mother's womb ?
Why did you burn her
For a handful of silver?
Why did you bash her after
Returning from a night of
Bacchanalian pleasures ?


More by :  Ajey Rao

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