The Child

  The child has decided to come back
The portly gentleman looked at himself
In the bathroom mirror and sniggered.
In the shrill voice of yesteryears
He made some funny noises which
Fortunately merged with the cistern sounds
He tried to think simple like a child
He could go out and pick a few berries
Ha, ha, I will now pick, he thought,
Red bleeding berries from the
Mountain bushes .I will feel
So much better .I will feel invigorated.
Mother says Banti please it is sleep time
Will you now lie on your back
And try to sleep? Lie on my back!
How can I lie on my back ?
I can lie only on the bed
These grownups are incorrigible.

The big gentleman had a small tunnel vision
The child has decided to come back
Surely it is such great fun
To wear your spectacles upside down
The world looked so much different.
So much better too. Not for me
These complicated adult transactions.
Frankly these grownups are such terrible bores.
I will now dig dig and dig deep
In the backyard of Jagannath uncle's house
Surely I will find nuggets of gold there.
These teachers are sometimes very stupid!
They ask very funny questions
But have no right answers themselves.

The big gentleman now looked at his
Growing paunch and balding head
This time the child is not coming back
Everything is once again complicated
The cherub in inverted spectacles
Disappeared into the mists of time
Never again to come back
And this is true for all times to come.


More by :  Ajey Rao

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