The Boy, The Girl, and the Definition of Love


Hello and how are you?  I'm in poetry class.
Where are you?  What if I were you and you dead?
Where would I be?  Maybe laid out on a beach,
pleased with the world�s pleasure of me?
But what if you� me?  Possibly you would be suicidal.
Deprived of what you really want . . . but don't need. 
Last night I was happy, I was you. 
Today, I�m in pain� me again.

What does it really mean to care? 
If we all knew, we may not even dare. 
If you were in pain, I would take it away . . .
but would you take it back in doing the same? 
If life is all an illusion and love the truth,
then am I a little white lie??



More by :  R. J. Nicolet

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