That's All I Ask

  Few drops of sunshine, few radiant stars, 
Few gushes of chill wind, few fragrant flowers; 
Few beautiful mornings, few endless hours, 
Few splendid evenings, that's all I ask. 

Few cheerful friends, few jokes to share, 
Few smiling faces, few hands that care; 
Few tender kisses, few words of love, 
Few precious moments, that's all I ask. 

Few crumbs of bread, few clothes to wear, 
A place called home, beyond compare; 
Few songs that tough, few thoughts that stare, 
Few pleasant memories, that's all I ask. 

Few tears of laughter, few days of fun, 
Few years of freedom, from the long wild run; 
Few springs of happiness, few streams of peace, 
Few showers of blessings, that's all I ask.


More by :  Anil Israel

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