SMS To God

  Hello, My Lord !
Please accept regards, from your humble ward.
Here am I with intention, of good for mankind,
Now-a-days mobile is also omnipresent, as you will find.
Driving car or walking on the street,
Young and old, all talk at mobile’s beat.
Sleek, compact, fashionable,
It’s really adorable.
This communication tool,
Is here to rule.
All is well, but with scope for improvisation,
It’s high time for human model’s upgradation.
Monkey to man, with tail vanishing is an old story,
Now, man with two extra hands will certainly add to your glory.
With mobile in one hand becoming indispensable,
Burden on my other hand is also quite visible.
Now, with renunciation, just a word in the dictionary,
The need to possess all things is absolutely necessary.
With so many things to hold on to,
Won’t you fit us more hands, say a pair or two ?
Fair is my demand and good is my intention,
Check with anyone on the whole land, for verification.
I know you love us, so there’s no worry,
Another call to make, I better hurry.
With you as our caretaker, everything else is fine,
Bye for now, contacting you the pleasure was entirely mine.


More by :  Rajeshwari Hemmadi

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