Simple Dreams

  Open your eyes
What is it that you see?
Is it your likeness
or mine?
What would you like it to be?
Does my lavishment lack
where yours sparkles?
Don't look to me
for your flamboyant fanciful delight.
For I am a man of but meager means,
treasuring all I can along the way.

See this bit of silver in my hand?
It has survived countless generations.
This evergreen coat covering these old bones?
Given to me by my father...
on the day of his unfortunate death.
He was a great man.

I am sitting here
just enjoying the skies.
So much sky.
Endless you might say.
My heart swells
at the sight of the geese
flying their southern dream.

It's the simple dreams
that make you realize
imagination can be reality.

Meadows, horses;
Flitting butterflies, soaring eagles;
Such things are simple dreams.
The imagination of God.
Reality in a pinch of thought.
The winking of an eye
was all these dreams took.

Isn't a dream an extended wink?
Ha!  Got you to think.
Possibilities are always there.
Dream and I will be with you.
Imagine and your heart will grow.
It all depends on what you want inside.
What the heart desires can be reality.

Just wish and swirl those fanciful delights.
Breathe the breath of life
into the beautiful thing you have created.

Rolling plains, tender embraces;
flowing streams, happy times at Christmas;
It's the simple dreams
that spark the imagination
to create life's reality.

You look famished.
Go to sleep
and remember me in your dreams.


More by :  Joseph Allen Hardy

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