She The Indian Woman

  In everything we see her,
she is the incarnation of life
and embodiment of endless love.
She is always at the giving end,
sacrificing her wishes, all her woes unheard,
silently enduring all the hardships from within.

She – the Indian woman,
portrayed in various forms from time immemorial!!
As the goddess, as the holy mother, as the earth,
as the running river, as the huge mountains and as the deity
locked inside the temple adorned with gold and silver!

She – the essence of womanhood,
When will she be liberated from the chains
of discrimination clasped on her legs?
The distress and sorrow wrought upon her,
because of cultural prejudices.
Will her true worth ever be realized?
When will she lift her hands to uncover her face?
And face this world…………….



More by :  Priya S

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