Behold here a lying dame!
Bemoaning in bitter shame.
Deplore the abused gender
Reduced to abject surrender-
A deliberate crime dared
The brutal intent bared.
What kind of being is he
Who can’t to a woman kind be?
Surely a sickly, wicked mind
Shall such evil desire find
To crush a fresh flower,
A fragrant, charming power,
To tear apart the wings
Of wonderful flying things.

Alas! The maiden stripped of dignity,
Obvious victim of odious depravity:
A sight to make angels weep
A frightful horror, dark and deep.
Among God’s creations a treasure,
Fallen a prey to carnal pleasure.
The innocent face her fingers veil
Choking down an agonized wail.
With a little palm in vain she tries
To hide her bosom from staring eyes.
The scarred body bears testimony
To the gloating monster’s villainy.
Behind the neatly braided hair
Lie unspoken woe and despair.

A weak body is the woman’s curse,
Prey to strong man’s weak cowardice.
How helpless to be ruthlessly hunted
And the criminal roaming undaunted!
Is it fair, ye gods, the fairer race
Suffer such ghastly disgrace?
An utter shame to say the least,
The perpetrator, surely, is a beast.
Wheels of justice may be slow,
But pat shall fall the final blow.
May all the ills and pains of this world
And the next on the demon be hurled!
Hell’s hottest fires await him
For all his psychopathic whim.

The shackled damsel’s poor plight
Shall haunt the mind day and night
Chasing out slumber,
Stirring righteous anger
To enforce humanity,
To banish barbarity.


More by :  Pavalamani Pragasam

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