Second Thoughts

  Possession of materials and position in society
Are the two key factors that we dream in our mind -
From early days till last, to tantalize our efforts
And put us in bind!
Relentless pursuit of happiness, although is daunted
By darn failures right in the middle -
Still it allows us to put music in our ears,
Like a pro playing the fiddle!

Honing a skill to achieve the goals of life
May vary from time to time -
And navigates on the priorities, or 'appetite'
For the diamond, education, or dime!
The five sensors of living bodies crave
For the comfort with fortune or fame -
And dominate the life, days after days,
By reducing the values of our shame!

Ascending the ladder of own success
May not be too easy to come by -
Because of the hurdles, followed by the 'smog',
Left in the piles of deep sigh!
Success may be achieved via sacrifice,
Or the Good Samaritan deed -
While happiness loves to nap on the personal heart,
Where the outcome likes to heed!

Trailing in the coattails of hierarchy
May provide a smooth competitive turn -
But it takes away the urge for own innovations,
When the brain starts to burn!
Winning in the battles of life is a recurring event,
Hidden well in our daily chores -
Like a ship without the radar,
Sailing in the middle of stormy seashores!

Sink or swim in the troubled oceans
Cannot afford the luxury of thought -
Rather, it may focus writing on the walls,
Unless we have sternly fought!
Decisions after decisions saturate our fates
To throw us in the lap of merry-go-round,
And cunningly allow second thoughts to follow,
With swiftness like the cuddly greyhound!!!


More by :  Hillol Ray

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