Satisfying Silence

  Silence may be a bliss, if the answer to a question,
Is not really known -
But a judgment by default, creates panic on the face,
And is neatly shown!
Reflection from the mirror is neutral,
And does not have a chance to hide -
The wrinkles on the forehead that resemble
Closely the ocean's ebb tide!

Connection of minds can be made in vacuum,
Or via a message through the E-mail -
Depending on the situations, drawbacks may occur,
As we find often in the tale!
Still, the connection needs a medium
That we may or may not be able to see -
While we spend the time, to unlock the door of happiness,
With a pre-nuptial key!

Discussion of thoughts and digestion of foods
Appear to move shoulder to shoulder -
Irrespective of the day or night, month or season,
Even hotter or colder!
At times, they hide together; and sometimes,
They both erect their heads -
To break the silence of myths and dreams,
While we try to lie on the beds!

Satisfaction in life may take the beaten path,
Or imitate the patterns of a dune -
Just like we see in the desert, followed by the thirst,
Affecting the precious tune!
The rhythms, hidden behind profound satisfaction,
Act as an 'evergreen' source -
To blend pleasures with silence, so quietly,
But remain as the one and only force!

Roaming from heaven to hell is a human dilemma,
To pursue satisfaction of mind -
And dwells in the time capsules, to narrow down the gaps,
For the future mankind!
Thus, the satisfaction keeps on weaving
The fabrics of peace in the midst of the turmoil -
While allowing us to slow down and pause for the silence,
Before the blood starts to boil!!


More by :  Hillol Ray

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