Risk Factor

  Like wise Palmyra
Time squeezed sweetness of your face
No one envision your image hollowness
Flesh wiped out withered frame of past times
Tunes as a master mind in historical document
May strain as a despot obscene of human civilization
Hard time captivated as a bonded labor
Time to come to respond my arguments

How ever you –
You are generated from my genes
Brain power cast around macrocosm state
Ascending heavenly body ceilings
Paces of walk way of your psychic energy
A playfully mischievous encounter
Scupper an innovative scientific theory
Divulge your words as an ultimatum superior.

Veils as hide and seek demeanor
Harmony of peace opinion and action
War of nerves temper destroy completely as ruins
Radical events an unpleasant emotions threat upset
Me, Impression of unhappy and worried mental state
An Oppugn press out successful ending triumph,
Sound clamber conclusion unsure state of mind

In this evolution of life theory, fall back of ending
Who is check mate on his winnings?
A philosophical an uncovering function
Mess around his pranks different phenomenon
Infected state of nature never bloom
He’s a boob of human nature.


More by :  B.V. RamanaRao

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