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Capital Punishment
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Yesterday (9th Feb. 2013) the terrorist Afzal Guru was executed in New Delhi as a punishment for his misdeeds.

The capital punishment is the highest punishment which can be awarded to any person. The underlying philosophy, I believe, is that one bad person is eliminated from this world in order to save the rest of the world from the sufferings he may induce. There is also the principle of natural justice here. The survivors of killed persons get a sense of satisfaction that the culprit got the deserved death.

My question is whether we really punish the criminal, Afzal in the present case? He was hanged and the death was indeed instantaneous and more importantly painless. One way of looking at death is that it heralds the end of all sufferings. Thus any criminal who is sentenced to life imprisonment is made to suffer much more in comparison to one who is executed.
There has been lot of debate all over the world about capital punishment from humanitarian point of view.  Perhaps no country has totally abolished the death penalty. I feel that there is need for debate from the viewpoint of making the criminal pay through long suffering and regretting his past actions.

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Comment Yes. There is justice in making the killers suffer over long duration. After all it is life-long suffering for the survivors of the victims of acts of terrorism. The culprit has to undergo similar suffering.

02/15/2013 08:27 AM

Comment Gear sir Amnesty International states that they are ashamed of India for awarding capital punishment.They can say so because their relative -son daughter or near relatives hadn't lost lives or suffered a lot or living by suffering mental as well as physical agony due to the attack of terrorists or by criminals.Amnesty is thinking about themselves. They are not understanding the sorrows of other people and the feelings of the nation..See, some people lost their own lives ,some lost their beloved husband,son, daughter etc whom they were considering as their dependents, for none of their fault.Sir I agree with you and add that those people who did and still doing this kind of heinous crimes should be awarded capital punishment not by hanging but by giving hard punishment by cutting their organs one by one.

V Purushothaman Nair
02/15/2013 00:08 AM

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