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It's not the size of the brain that really matters.
It's the size of the heart that counts.
Austin. B

Tell your kids they are little mountains, and as they succeed in life, they will grow into big mountains. They will give them the confidence and courage to actually move mountain.
Danielle. D

You've got to love, respect, and develop a genuine belief in yourself before you can be there to do that for anybody else.
Betty Matoff

When you have a big problem, it can feel like someone is sneaking up and scaring you. You might want to scream and run away at first, but that won't solve the problem. Turn and face it and believe in yourself.
Olivia. P

Hope and faith are twins. You can't break them apart.
Alexandra. G

You can't go believing what other people say about you if it's nasty and mean. Have the confidence in everything you believe about yourself. No matterwhat, you can be who you really are.
Mark. V

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