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Love and Namasmaran
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Love between; relations such as husband and wife, mother and baby; have always been the central themes of many great novels, plays, films, paintings, sculptures, dances, poetry etc. But in all these; love is also associated with treachery, cheating, hatred, dread and vengeance.

Why is this so?

This is because; this involuntary love and hate phenomenon; is a product of physiological, biochemical, psychological and social factors. Love and hate result from the involuntary autonomic, neuroendocrine, endocrine and metabolic activities. Such love and hate happens to most of us. It is not “done” by us.

This love and hate phenomenon determines our attitudes, predispositions, ideologies, behavior, consciousness and conscience. Through Namasmaran (Jap, Jaap, Jikra, Simaran, Sumiran; i.e. remembering true self) this phenomenon blossoms into objective, unprejudiced and selfless love without hatred. It is like oxygen that enables and empowers us; to perceive the world more objectively and provide holistic solutions to individual and global problems.

This process of individual and universal blossoming; however; involves billions of us (as is being increasingly evident in many parts of world) and consumes us completely; to our satisfaction; and is not accessible to casual, superficial or mercenary approach!

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