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Multiversal Reality
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Scientists have already established that our universe came into existence almost 13.7 billion years ago as a result of Big Bang. Barring the glorious theory of Advaita, which postulates an omnipresent God, all other religious theories about a universe, beings and humans (in His own form ! ) created by God sometime around 6000 BC have been debunked in its entirety. Only a few hardcore idiots and those who are afraid of religious establishments believe in such figments of misleading imagination by a clever few to establish their power over the meek followers. It is difficult to believe but proven true beyond any doubt that all the sub-atomic particles that make up our universe were created within a brief period of the Big Bang. We are not capable of adding or subtracting anything from it, but only of changing from one form to another. With great efforts, we have already gone back 13.7 billion years in history and now we are stuck at that point.

Biggest question in front of current scientists is about who or what caused the Big Bang. Some scientists avoid the question with their argument that there need not be a reason for everything. But the instinctive rationality of human beings will not be satisfied until and unless the question is answered. For those who are agnostic (like me) it is easy to find an answer by attributing it to the unknown God for the time being, until someone with a fertile mind and intellect come up with another hypothesis. In fact, many such theories have already come up and best one that looks promising is the concept of a multiverse. Mathematicians have already succeeded in their hypotheses upto 11 universes existing simultaneously. And a few outstanding theoreticians have attributed the cause of Big Bang to the clash of two such wobbling universes when both happened to be perfect planes, which is of infinitely miniscule probability. So far the theory looks logical and it will drag out history by few more billion years. But then the question arises as to who or what created the multiverse.

An interesting offshoot of the multiverse theory is the reflections of reality in many of the phenomena mentioned in The Bhaagavada, by far the most mundane and most complex ancient text that mankind has seen. Perhaps there is no better way to think of Bhagawan’s Viswaroopa than by accepting the reality of simultaneous presence of multiple universes. It must be definitely possible for an omnipotent God (or even ghosts and souls) to be present partially and fully in a multiverse, and give the images to the realized souls as described in The Bhaagavada. And those who claim to have got a sight of God might have really done so during an accidental or deliberate peep into the neighbouring universes. It is possible that a warp like reality of a multiverse can become the much wanted connecting point for Science and Scientific Religions (Sanatana Hindu Dharma).

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