Best Herbs & Food to Deal with Hepatitis

# Note : There are many home remedies for hepatitis. Family physicians maintain, seven different hepatitis viruses cause inflammation of the liver and a blood test is mandatory to arrive at a precise diagnosis. Moreover, some herbs maybe contraindicated for an inflamed liver and may interact negatively with any medications being taken. So, it’s important to keep your qualified healthcare professional in the loop while resorting to any home remedies for hepatitis.
Various studies from different parts of the world have indicated time and again the natural health benefits of grapes particularly in the effective performance of vital body organs. Naturopaths assert the fruit and its fresh juice ought to be an essential part of one’s diet to not only treat but even prevent liver diseases including hepatitis.
Naturally endowed with health giving properties, (like aiding elimination of disease causing toxins from the body) tomato juice with a dash of salt and pepper consumed at the start of the day is believed to be a valuable complimentary food cure for hepatitis.
Rice has, generally, been revered as a divine health giving food and is used in several religious rites and rituals. A thick gruel of rice is said to be a very nutritive and healing diet for those suffering from hepatitis.
Coconut Water
Coconut considered a sacred food in our culture has several health giving properties. Coconut water contains sugar in an easily digestible form along with vitamin C and other vital nutrients making it a very soothing and comforting drink for patients with hepatitis.

Consuming curds in generous doses is highly recommended for those suffering from inflammation of the liver. The lactic acid content of curd helps keep ammonia in check.

Beets are said to promote regeneration of liver cells and beetroot juice is considered very beneficial in the treatment of hepatitis.
There are herbalists who prescribe consuming raw garlic cloves or having an infusion of garlic in cases of hepatitis as it is known to purify the blood and remove toxins from the body.
It is believed by some that taking the following ginger remedy helps when suffering from hepatitis. Mix together the following - half a teaspoon fresh ginger juice, one teaspoon each of lime and mint juices and one tablespoon honey. Have this homemade remedy thrice a day.
To regain energy it is suggested that the patient incorporates complex carbohydrates like whole wheat and avoid refined products (white flour), junk food and sugar.

# Bhringraj is very beneficial remedy to cure hepatitis and various types of liver diseases. This herb benefits by bringing about the cell regeneration, leading to a strengthening of the liver. Thus making it a very beneficial home remedy.

# Burdock and dandelion are important for cleansing the liver and the bloodstream.

# Studies have shown licorice to be effective in treating viral hepatitis, particularly chronic active hepatitis, due to its well-documented antiviral activity.

* Caution: Do not use this herb on a daily basis for more than seven days in a row. Avoid if you have high blood pressure.

# Milk thistle extract contains silymarin, a flavonoid that has been shown to aid in healing and rebuilding the liver. It can be taken in capsule or alcohol-free extract form. Take 200 to 400 milligrams three times daily.

# Phyllanthus, an Ayurvedic herb, is useful for hepatitis B. After an initial bout with the virus, you can become symptom-free but still remain a carrier of the disease. This herb is said to eradicate carrier-status hepatitis B in some cases.

# Schizandra is a Chinese herb used to protect the liver.

# Scutellaria, also known as Baikal skullcap or Chinese skullcap, is a Chinese herb that is a powerful antioxidant.

# Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory.

# Other herbs beneficial for hepatitis include black radish, green tea, red clover, and yellow dock.

# Especially when symptoms are acute, take care to replace
fluids by drinking vegetable broth, diluted vegetable juices, and herbal teas.

# Avoid fatty foods entirely, and limit protein intake to between 3 and 6 ounces (100 to 200 grams) a day.

# Avoid stale or moldy bakery products and grains. At least in laboratory studies, the fungus byproduct aflatoxin amplifies the carcinogenic potential of hepatitis infection.

# Avoid alcohol in all forms, including that found in drugs and flavorings.

# If you are taking interferon for hepatitis B, make sure your doctor orders blood tests to monitor iron (ferritin) levels in your blood. Iron deficiency cuts the success rate of interferon treatment roughly in half. Your doctor will recommend treatments that can bring iron levels up to normal.

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Comment Hi Jamila... Likely a consequence of small intestine bacterial overgrowth, many people with chronic liver disease may have difficulty digesting dairy products including milk thats why your doctor advised you to avoid milk. as you are diabetic can use coconut water but try to avoid sugarcane juice ( Rich source of fructose ).. and for herbal cure contact me on +91-98050-38733 . regards

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