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Crack in Fourth Pillar...Media Bias.
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One of the finest dialogue I heared in last decade comes from a movie known for CG technology, Yes am taking about Avatar.....

When Jack pray to Eywa the godess of Navi to protect them

Neytiri : God doesnt take side he balances life.

Its hold relevent to todays media....

Most of media doesnt balance but take sides which is dangerous for free nation which is already fullied with cynicism towards system.

First it all started with Mr.Anna and later Team Anna....Mr.Anna is media created hero, corruption was suddenly visible in India and everywhere.....

A march with candle became the symbol of protest even no one know why candle ?

Soon middle class of India will became the synonym of protest for each and every thing media reports...If you want to became millionaire start candle business even TATA group is considering it.

Lot of noise pollution was created about a Gandhian than one understood what Lokpal Anna and his team wants...but crowd swell day by day courtesy to media which projected as some revolution is happening.

Team Anna was the darling of media for few days they won every award (Indian of the year)...then came Baba Randev and many more funny bones occupied our day to day gossips to meeting....

Another attempt was made by few who understoods media well by bringing lot of corruption to media and formed a party.

Now we moved towards Rape....No one in this country willing to help the poor Delhi girl when she was fighting for Life on road but It became national outrage next day every one demand " Death for Rape"

Changed facebook covers and many funny things we did but not any constructive things.we behaved as a puppet and media became the puppet master.

Every funny outdated politician make ridiculous statement on women dress and relate it to rape which was flashed cross the news channel and here come further more funny guys and ladies who are more offended toward statement then the system which never works for the safety of women hence spend energy and time on trashing funny outdated politician and idiots.

Even Govt brought the ordinance in rape law and death punishment was also brought for rape...suprising fact is another 3 minor girl was raped and murdered after the much fancied change in law.

Trial by media was every common now days...Just remeber Dr.Talwars and Arushi case.

We start beliving people as guility before court pass verdicts which is dangerous even if court gives bail to them, their was outrage in public.

Headliness of regional news always carry caste name or about illicit relationship and quality of news is filthy

Need less to speak about paid News their are lot of former journalist became MPs which also raises question mark on ethics,

Owner ship patent of many Media are still not open.

Today no one can express their view wheather its right or wrong every one as the right to express. but today you have only right to take the view what media takes....

Today media and filmworld is next to non sense, question they ask is are you both item and if some X actress wear a bikini we can have half hour session but not for malnutricition and famer sucide.

Media parramount duty is to report and balance both views of both the sides,

All I want from media is not to take sides and sensational the news...their is already a crack in our fourth pillar....

Let see atleast few wise men will bell this cat and change it or media will soon became like other destroyed pillars.

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