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Mother Vs Wife !!!
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 A Bachelor View....

Whenever I watch a debate show on Mother Vs Wife...and who is better ???

A lot of noise pollution happen their all young wife shout from the roof top that wife is better and few newly married men take their sides too...

But actually who is better ?? Its a billion dollar question ???? let me try to answer it in a simple ways

A simple answer to that who is better among God Vs Godmen...

Am sure all will belive and say in the loud voice its God....

Because mother is a holy relationship....wife is beautiful relationship (atleast for many or few)...

But why do I compare God Vs Godmen to Mother Vs Wife...its very simple sometime we understand God via godmen...may be through good way or other way too...

So men take side towards wife when they understand how difficult it for a young girl  or woman to be mother....

Men takes side towards mother because atleast once her wife gets old and understand her son she will feel for first time in her life why her husband was right ???

By all the way God is always better than godmen and mother is better than wife....but godmen also need for our deeper understanding of GOD....

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Comment Hi Kiran, In my blog I did not blame any one, All I said is mother is a holy relationship....wife is beautiful relationship... Here son is an example it may be a daughter also, and I said old doesnt means 50 plus it means after couple of years after marriage too... or means as years go by.... I also find its stuid because role of both are different am not gender baisis to even if you compare father or father in law roles are different. I had written after I seen show in TV on this topic which doesnt means I doesnt value both contribution or taking side I put forward my view that it....I welcome your comments which you post on it....and its your view and every one has own view based on their belief...

04/07/2013 13:04 PM

Comment Dear friend It is very stupid issue. Because In your blog you accepted once wife gets old and understand her son. To understand sun not necessary to become old. unless wife never gives birth in her young time. The second thing, this type of show not solving family problem. Also In many families there is dipute between son and father of son and mother. But good relation between mother-in- law and daughter-in-law.

kiran tirpude
04/05/2013 06:51 AM

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