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Recently there was post in these columns by Dr. Chetan Chopra on health benefits of tomatoes

The article is very informative and I hope it has encouraged people to increase tomato intake in their food.  After reading the article I did some browsing on the topic and found out something about storage of tomatoes which was not known to me.

The information is that tomatoes are not to be refrigerated. They are to be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight. This mode of storage facilitates retention of the sweet taste for longer periods. See for example

from which I quote Tomatoes keep best unwashed at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. It is not recommended to refrigerate as this can harm the flavor. Tomatoes that are not yet ripe can be kept in a paper bag till ripening”

Since then I have put this recommended practice to test and I can say that I endorse the same. The tomatoes keep well easily for four to five days and the taste remains yummy. Even if the skin appears wrinkled I have found that they remain fine inside (It is preferable to use plastic tray or basket for keeping the tomatoes). It is needless to say that this has become our regular practice. The added advantage is that a little extra space available in the fridge.

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