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Tharoors and Pawars
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Tharoors and Pawars are like the smart rats and bandicoots in Indian politics. The dynamic young rat misjudged the undercurrents in Indian politics and fell into the rat trap much faster than expected. The smart rat was innocent, innovative and wanted to do something good for the society. But it was too fast and not very careful about the traps that target novices into the dirty alley of Indian politics. Bandicoots are much more crafty. They know where the traps lay and how to get food without getting caught. And even if they are caught, most of the traps are not sufficient to hold them and they will make the escape without much damage.
Moral advice for rats in Indian politics is to lay low till they grow into bandicoots before taking the plunge.    

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Comment I agree with Kumud.  Greed breeds Lust; while Lust breeds corruption. Poeple now don't enter politics for governance, they enter to meet their vested interests. There are ample examples of governors screwing around - the old rat ND Tiwari among the recent ones.  Shard has been famous for long to have minted money through the sugarcane belt of Maharashtra and also as the supremo of BCCI.  Phew...I already feel frustrated writing this.

Roy D'Costa
06/11/2010 19:20 PM

Comment How do you know the smart rat was innocent? Many think that taking advantage of his reputation of innocence he was out to do some business when the going was good. He is a notorious womaniser and his need and greed for money must have been endless considering the way he lived his life as evidenced by his sneering comment about air travel in this country. About Sharad the least said is the best - he is the most stinking skunk this country has or will ever produce.

kumud biswas
06/09/2010 19:41 PM

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