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RQ of Nations
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Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of individuals are raising the world over. Recently we had an expatriate Indian girl in UK having IQ above that of Albert Einstein. There is hardly anything surprising about it, because everything has changed since the time of Einstein and today’s kids need much more talent to succeed. Formal education increases the IQ of individuals and with the growing accessibility of education the world over, the positive trend will continue forever. Successive generations with increased skills and talents cannot be a surprise to anyone. But much more important than Intelligence is going to be Reliability in future times.
In a society where everyone is intelligent enough, it will be the perceived reliability of individuals that would stand out. If someone is not reliable or dependable, what is his value to the society? As always, progress and development in all societies (or even nations) are achieved by the efforts of individuals who have exceptional IQ. But we always forget the fact that these individuals also have high Reliability Quotient (RQ).  It is then inevitable that RQ will become more important than IQ in the days to come. Only societies and nations led by leaders having higher RQ will progress and develop as a whole.
RQ of nations will also become important in future. It is true that currently the so-called developed nations (West) have a higher IQ than the developing nations (East). But how about their RQ? How many of the developed nations like USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, France etc., are trusted by the rest of the world? Common people who make up 80% of the world population think alike and have the same aspirations about the future. Only people with high RQ can lead them in the way they want. Similarly, only nations with higher RQ can lead the world to a better tomorrow. It is definitely not Italy, Pakistan, Iran, Switzerland or North Korea that can take us into a better future.

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