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A Professor Suspended
for Harassing a Girl Student
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When the scenario is full of news of sexual harassment of the most brutal order, the sensibilities are bound to get blunt. ‘Rape News’ has become sort of a routine in the Indian media. Each time, the details seem to get more gory and horrific. But the news of suspension of a JNU professor could not have gone unnoticed.

‘K R Nayar, one of the senior-most professors in Jawaharlal Nehru University's Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, has been suspended with immediate effect on charges of sexually harassing a female student.

JNU vice-chancellor Sudhir Kumar Sopory confirmed the suspension, saying the order "has been issued". He said further action will be decided upon by the varsity's executive council and that the suspension "will stay till further orders".

People like me find it alarming that such a news item does not shock the mass conscience. And this is not even a tip of the iceberg. If cases were to be reported honestly every university would be flooded with such complaints.

It’s really commendable that the JNU anti sexual harassment committee came with an honest report which led to this decision. In most of the varsities, this committee functions to cover up and bury any such complaint. The administration never wants such news to go out of the campus. It’s hypocritically a matter of good name of the institution and its honor.

The truth is exactly the other way round. Any institution which comes up with such a complaint and works on it is definitely more transparent and correct. It’s not just a question of thousands of research scholars, part-time teachers, and junior teachers; it’s about education; it’s about our future as a nation; it’s about the whole mind-set of the academia and the society as a whole. One sexually harassed person and one perpetrator of this crime have rebounding impact on the society. The sick person is bound to repeat his behavior. The victim will either join the sick army or live a psychologically-complexed, bruised life. It’s just very grave. Such Professors simply need to be removed from the system if we wish our higher education system to have any creditability.

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Comment KR Nayar is reported to have been dismissed from JNU and he is currently in Kerala. Some reports say He joined an institution run by Shanthi Giri Ashram Pothenkode Thiruvananthapuram

01/12/2014 05:24 AM

Comment Dear Prof. Shubha Tiwari: Pranam! I crave your indulgence to allow me to reproduce here a copy of my email addressed to VC Sudhir Kumar Sopory of JNU and the Members of its Executive Council challenging them to break the news regarding the punishment of compulsory retirement meted out to me on 29 July 2010 for sexually harassing Prof. Dr. Miss Shankari Sundararaman through lewd emails sent on 11 and 12 April 2008 requesting her to give me Axl Rose from my Yahoo ID to her Hotmail ID written in transliterated Tamil. Thick as thieves all of them in JNU they will dare not break this news because they know they have committed a blunder in punishing this innocent proletarian and who refuses to cow down! Thanking you, With best regards, - Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan ======== BREAKING NEWS: STENOGRAPH?ER "COMPULSORI?LY RETIRED WITHOUT FINANCIAL LOSS" ON 29 JULY 2010 FOR SEXUALLY HARASSING A FEMALE DON OF JNU 7 May (6 days ago) To: vc, sopory, Cc: jnurector, sudhapai, abdulnafey, chairnafeyjnu, nafey_jnu, kjmukherjee, mriduladitya, bnm, remsbnm, maislahi, karmeshu, akpatnaik, srinivasarao, ssrao9, meenakshi, amiya.bagchi, idsk, jdwivedi, ttedit, virander, icgeb, bcc: admin, bcc: anthony 14 April 2013 I. Professor Sudhir K. Sopory Vice-Chancellor Jawaharlal Nehru University NEW DELHI-110067 vc@mail.jnu.ac.in sopory@mail.jnu.ac.in Dear Prof. Sudhir Kumar Sopory: Pranaam! Have a Nice Day! I would like to congratulate you on the victory of sorts of JNU on account of the favourable verdict given it by the Honourable Delhi High Court on 13 March 2013 (http://lobis.nic.in/dhc/VJM/judgement/23-03-2013/VJM13032013CW25412011.pdf). I would shortly be appealing before a Higher Bench. Well. More or less, I would bank upon the Delhi Police Cyber Cell Report (DPCCR) and Yahoo Report (YR). To re-jig your memory the gist of the DPCCR-YR is as follows: I registered my ID from my residential telephone on 14 Feb 2008. I accessed it subsequently on 30 April 2008, 14 & 18 May 2008. As per your Chargesheet I had sent obscene emails written in transliterated Tamil on 11 & 12 April 2008 from my Yahoo ID requesting the complainant to give me Axl Rose. [Axl Rose is an anagram]. Hey, lest I should forget, let me also congratulate JNU for keeping under the wraps the finer details pertaining to that barter deal of Prof. Dr. Uttam Pati – zzzz for Question Paper of the 2007 MPhil-PhD Biotechnology Entrance Examination*. I must admit, though old in age, your male Professors are young at heart! *For your immediate reference I give you the links to the two judgements pertaining to this case. 1. http://indiankanoon.org/doc/8796578/ 2. http://indiankanoon.org/doc/186585772/ With best regards, Most respectfully yours, I am Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan PS: 1. You know I have nothing to lose because you can do no more harm to me than what you’ve already done. But just think of JNU: Isn’t there any one amongst you who considers the Institution as more precious than an individual? You successfully shielded Uttam Pati who literally arped JNU’s very heart by leaking its Entrance Examination Question Paper. But here in my case you have all ganged up in crucifying an innocent man. So strange! 2. It is beyond comprehension as to why you are still keeping the issue of meting out “Compulsory Retirement without financial loss” punishment to me for sexually harassing Prof. Shankari Sundararaman a secret while you announced to the world at large your suspending Prof KR Nayar? Inform the public at large about the emails which were never sent. Scared? 3. I enclose a draft announcement to the audio-visual-print media on this subject. You can have it suitably edited. [Draft Enclosure-I] =================== DRAFT ENCLOSURE-I TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN PROFESSORIAL STENOGRAPHER -- Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan -- COMPULSORILY RETIRED WITHOUT FINANCIAL LOSS FOR SEXUALLY HARASSING A FEMALE JNU DON THROUGH LEWD EMAILS WRITTEN IN TRANSLITERATED TAMIL REQUESTING HER TO GIVE HIM AXL ROSE (AXL ROSE IS AN ANAGRAM) ON 11 & 12 APRIL 2008 FROM HIS YAHOO ID TO HER HOTMAIL ID. NO ONE ON EARTH HAS SEEN THE EMAILS BECAUSE THEY WERE DELETED “BY MISTAKE” BY THE COMPLAINANT. JNU DEPENDED ON THE DELHI POLICE CYBER CELL REPORT (DPCCR) AND THE YAHOO REPORT (YR) IN PROVING THE GUILT OF THE ACCUSED. THE DPCCR AND YR STATES AS FOLLOWS [THAT PORTION GIVEN IN square brackets]: 1. [THE ACCUSED REGISTERED HIS ID FROM HIS RESIDENTIAL TELEPHONE ON 14 FEBRUARY 2008. 2. THE ACCUSED ACCESSED HIS EMAIL ACCOUNT SUBSEQUENTLY ON 30 APRIL 2008, 14 & 18 MAY 2008] – WHICH PROVES HE HAD SENT THE OBSCENE EMAILS TO THE COMPLAINANT ON 11 & 12 APRIL 2008 !. 3. THE ACCUSED IS ALLEGED TO HAVE WRITTEN ON A MESSAGE BOARD HIS PREFERENCE FOR AXL ROSE – THIS AGAIN PROBABLY PROVES HE MAY HAVE SENT THE AMOROUS EMAILS TO THE COMPLAINANT ON 11 & 12 APRIL 2008 !. 4. SINCE HE IS ONLY AN WORKING CLASS EMPLOYEE -- A LOWLY STENOGRAPHER (WITHOUT A PHD) -- A MERE ACCUSATION ON THE PART OF A FEMALE PROFESSOR who IS A PhD [PhD stands for DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY and not PIZZA HOME DELIVERER] AND A MERE SUSPICION THAT HE MAY HAVE SENT THE AMOROUS EMAILS IS ENOUGH TO PROVE HIS GUILT! THEREFORE HE IS GUILTY AND STANDS PUNISHED. [ANOTHER JNUEE IS ROUND THE CORNER. SHOULD THE ADVETUROUS AMONGST YOUR MALE PROFESSORS HAVE REVISITED 2007, ASK THEM TO KEEP IT A IRON-CLAD SECRET.] 5. LONG LIVE THE GLORIOUS REVOLUTION OF THE PROLETARIAT PROFESSOR KD USHA THE THEN CHAIRPERSON GSCASH ASSebastian THE THEN DY. REGISTRAR (ADMN.) PROFESSOR SUDHIR KUMAR SOPORY VICE-CHANCELLOR PS: FINER DETAILS PERTAINING TO THE CASE CAN BE OBTAINED FROM THE GSCASH CELL or one can Google for "Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan, SEX, JNU" ============== With best regards, Sincerely, - Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan

Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
05/20/2013 20:35 PM

Comment I understand through reliable source that JNU is going to open a School in the Name of SCHOOL OF UNSENT EMAILS READ. For that Prof Shankari Sundararaman is going to be Chairman of that School. Kindly confirm is it true. Thanks & Regards

05/17/2013 10:55 AM

Comment I know Prof. Sudha Pai, Rector, from the time she was an Assistant Professor in CPS. While she may be a Marxist [de rigueur for any one to enter CPS even though one may be filthy rich] I don't think she has any axe to grind in matters related to life and death questions of others. #PARA# In this Prof KR Nayar episode I believe she must have played a very neutral role. But the same thing cannot be said of other Marxist ucntsk like M/s KD Usha, Sangeeta Dasgupta or Vidhu Verma. With the death of Mr. Justice JS Verma perhaps the JEE YES GAS may have lost a b-fixerka and a n-moneypulatorxz. #PARA# Hey what about that Amibhat Doonduk? I hear interesting things about him. If the victim of Amibhat Doonduk is also reading this I would suggest that she can go in for a "settlement" with him (as the rules passed by the parliament allows this). Any intellectual elite retiring from JNU are stinking rich. Their PF alone would fetch them a couple of Crores easily. She can demand Rupees Two Crores by way of settlement. If there is no "settlement" I believe he stands to loose everything (except his PF) as he may be dismissed. Added to that he would also loose his very handsome nearly Rs.70,000/- p.m. pension.#PARA# I HAVE NOTHING PERSONAL IN THIS MATTER GUYS. However, my sympathies are always with the male & female students of JNU whom I have seen suffer from close quarters for 34 years at the hands of male Professors. There may be a few exceptions like Kamaal Arun Mitra Chenoy -- in spite of our political views being poles apart -- still I like him from the time I was PA to Prof. Rasheeduddin Khan of CPS -- for my own reasons.

Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
05/10/2013 03:52 AM

Comment But Nayar through his wife Tara has already commented that he has no faith in those at the helm of affairs. You cannot win through divide and rule. Don't try to create differences between the rector and the VC.

05/08/2013 11:16 AM

Comment GSCASH itself is going through a very tough phase. courtesy party politics with some strong headed hard core feminists making a mockery of GSCASH...... something seriously wrong with the system and JNU in particular. There could is a ray of hope with the current VC (only VC and not the Rector) around.

05/08/2013 05:40 AM

Comment Another famous name doing the rounds for sexually harassing his female students in Jack Nicholson Universality (JNU) is Amibhat Dubukku. He is slated to retire on 31 Aug 2013. His past sins are set to catch up with him it is believed. He had earlier married one of his students and having grown tired of her warmth started scouting for a fresh one. And this is what seems to have landed him trouble. These JNU male professors, these old milquetoasts, I am so happy for the girl students of JNU that finally these intellectual frauds are being made to pay. Although GSCASH failed miserably in delivering justice in my case, with the kind of names that's doing the rounds now, I think this menace of sexual harassment would finally get erased from Jack Nicholson Universality.

Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
05/07/2013 05:16 AM

Comment "Argumentative Indian" is not merely the title of a book written by the Nobel Laureate. An Indian has to argue for the sake of hearing his/her own sound. The kick received from is obviously tremendous. Just watch any one of our TV "News Channels", where people are declared guilty and/or innocent based on various considerations other than truth; Truth is a victim most of the time. Nobody is ready to accept that there can be at least two sides to an issue; sometimes many more. I can quote a famous statement by Dhuryodhana in Mahabharat ” Chattathu keechakanengil konnathu Bheeman thanne “ - translated to English it means "if the deceased is Keechakan then the killer has to be Bheem". That is the kind of presumption we adopt to reach conclusions, No other principles are adopted except one’s own convenient, preconceived assumptions to pronounce any one innocent or guilty.... When that too done by the educated intelligentsia it stinks. These guys and girls want to make ours a "banana republic". These “intellectuals” believe that what they believe and what they say are the ultimate truths. All others have vested interest and are liars . No rule of law or procedure matters for pronouncing any one guilty or innocent- Because your conviction is what matters and should be the last word. Some may believe that professors harass girl students; some may believe professors do not harass girl students or that girl students do not make false complaints or women as a matter of rule are innocent and not capable of causing any harm, women do not make false allegations, (http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2008-12-29/delhi/27912936_1_sexual-assault-false-cases-delhi-police ) (http://www.firstpost.com/india/rape-accused-let-off-after-woman-files-false-complaint-677975.html ) women do not sexually harass men/boys http://www.ndtv.com/article/south/woman-arrested-for-allegedly-sexually-abusing-11-year-old-boy-313674 , all laws should be only to protect woman all violence at home are done by men- women are not capable of any violence and falsehood. Truth is far away from such misconceived assumptions. In case in hand a girl student has made an allegation against a professor. We attack the professor and bay for his blood, without even giving him an opportunity of being heard!! The allegation may or may not be true. If he is found guilty punish him. But before he is found guilty nobody has a right to pronounce him guilty or punish him. After all he has worked for 30+ years to earn a reputation (which stands irreparably destroyed for ever). Nobody has a right to take it away without due process of law. In these days of instant news people want instant justice merely based on their personal assumptions and presumptions, without realising that everyone involved are human beings and have legal rights before being condemned. False allegations can be first page news and nobody bothers when the alleged offender is found innocent, it will not even make last page news. My request to all is to hold your horses till a verdict is reached through due process of law.

Mohan Panikkar
04/30/2013 05:25 AM

Comment dileep is nothing but Shankar of jnu

04/29/2013 10:52 AM

Comment I think I owe an apology to Prof. Shubha Tiwari. Ever since I entered the fray both the camps -- for and against Prof KR Nayar -- have gone silent. I wonder why! Does it mean that they have spent all their Ammo? Or does the self-styled intellectual elite of JNU feel complexed that it cannot match my writing skill? Come on guys, don't worry. After all English is not our mother tongue. We may do well in our chosen subjects but not on a message board. That's Okay. Say something guys in your tooty-phooty English. For a change take the side of your colleagues M/s KD Usha, Sangeeta Dasgupta and Vidhu Verma who went out of their way to have me "compulsorily retired without financial loss". Especially your fellow Malayali and a neo-RCC who saw a golden opportunity to settle her perceived scores of subjugation at the hands of the Brahmins when she saw two Iyers at loggerheads. She aimed her cross hairs at this poor humble Professorial Stenographer and scored a bull's eye! Come on KD please tell me what harm did I ever do to you? I am not even your professional rival or competitor for your attention I say. Why did you mark me for this punishment? Can you eat your daily meal after robbing me of mine for nearly three years now. Do you think posterity will pardon you for this blatant act of injustice? Let me quote from the Holy Bible for your immediate reading and getting it inside your squinted brain: Ezekiel 25:17. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon you." Do not confuse Brotherhood here with your narrow Roman Catholic Brotherhood. Brotherhood stands for the entire humanity. God gave you a chance to play God -- to dispense Justice. But you screwed it all up. For what? KD for what?

Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
04/29/2013 10:50 AM

Comment Hello Dileep, I was in a bit of a hurry this morning. I couldn’t give my whole attention to you. You have written the following in your rejoinders: That, (1) I am keen on taking revenge, (2) I have alleged conspiracy on the part of whoever is against me, (3) I have claimed to know everything, (4) I believe others do not know anything, (5) The VC has upheld the cause of women, (6) I am desperate to get away with my crime, (7) I am constantly trying to hijack this page to prove my point and use it to my advantage, (8) I am unnecessarily trying to complicate a simple case of sexual exploitation, (9) Sexual crimes are being treated very seriously in this country, and especially in educated circles. (10) My tricks will not succeed. (11) The guilty will be punished, and (12) An example will be set! That’s brilliant stuff. You have put 12 points in 139 words and 10 sentences. No doubt you have real skill for carrying out cut-paste research. Let me answer you point-wise. Point no. 1 -- i am keen on taking revenge: Nothing can be farther from the truth. The quality to forgive is the number one prerequisite for making spiritual progress. I do not wish to avenge the injustice perpetrated to me. Whatever I have undergone it is a fruit of my karma, and the difference in rank between myself and my former cyber friend. I must have wronged this friend somehow, somewhere, in some other aeon. Point No.2 -- I Have Alleged Conspiracy On The Part of Whoever (the bourgeoisie Marxist thugs I presume): Marxists and conspiracy go hand in hand. That’s understood. One can do nothing about it. Point no.(3) I have claimed to know everything: No No. Nothing of that sort. As the Tamizh saying goes – what one knows is only his handful, what he doesn’t is of the size of the universe. Point No.4 – I Believe Others Do Not Know Anything – No. In fact I request people to let the world know as to what they know about my sexually harassing SS through lewd emails written on 11 and 12 April 2008 from my Yahoo ID to her Hotmail ID in transliterated Tamil pleading with her to give me Axl Rose. I wish your VC announces to the world the punishment meted out to me of COMPULSORILY RETIRING A STENOGRAPHER FOR PROPOSITIONING A JNU FEMALE DON TO GIVE HIM AXL ROSE THROUGH AMOROUS EMAILS WRITTEN ON 11 & 12 APRIL 2008 FROM HIS YAHOO ID TO HER HOTMAIL ID. It is nearly three years since I was punished. Yet your VC is hiding it from the public. Let him announce it the way he announced Prof. KR Nayar’s suspension. I dare him and his underlings. Point No.5 -- The VC Has Upheld The Cause Of Women. Well. If that is really so, let him do a complete job of it. Let him announce to the world the punishment given to this humble Professorial Stenographer (If he can). Point No.6 -- I Am Desperate To Get Away With My Crime. No. That’s a lie. My crime is that I am innocent of what I was accused of. That is why I have taken the matter to the Court of Law. I am firmly rooted to my ground of innocence. It is a warning to all the crucifiers of the innocent. You can say that I am desperate to obtain Justice! Point No.7 -- I Am Constantly Trying To Hijack This Page To Prove My Point And Use It To My Advantage. That is again a lie. This is a open page available to everybody 24x7x365. It cannot be hijacked. Point No.8 -- I Am Unnecessarily Trying To Complicate A Simple Case Of Sexual Exploitation. That is a lie. It is very much necessary. It is a promise that I have made to myself that I will try to the maximum possible to prove my innocence. If that sounds like complicating a simple case, so be it! Point no.9 -- Sexual crimes are being treated very seriously in this country, and especially in educated circles. That is very interesting. Is there any one “educated” in JNU? Or are you talking of the cut-paste research PhDs (Pizza Home Deliverers) ? Point No.10 -- My tricks will not succeed. Well. If it is Almighty’s Will, so be it. I don’t have to take your word for that. I can wait for the Final Word from the right place. POINT NO.11 -- The guilty will be punished – Great. I would like only that to happen. You know punishment is a two-edged sword. It cuts both ways. It is not like the ones made use of in JNU’s Kangaroo Courts. POINT NO.12 -- An example will be set! Brilliant! I am waiting for that day.

Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
04/29/2013 05:00 AM

Comment Thank you so much Dr. SMD for coming to my aid. Please play it cool. I know you are a very busy man, please do not waste your time on non-entities like a driver Dileep. # PARA # Dileep needs to go to School all over again and start from twinkle twinkle little star. There is no use of words like Revenge or conspiracy in any of my writings nor that of Dr. SMD. If Dileep would call me a “sex maniac” then I can perhaps call him a faceless cabbage. Name calling and profanities have never won any debate. The one who indulges in it knows he is on slippery ground and that he is going to buckle down on his knees sooner. The world does not begin and end with the VC of JNU where he and his cohorts can “manage” decisions suiting their convenience. Purely keeping this mind we have something called Judiciary which does not come under the purview of worthies of JNU engaged in demitting injustice and drivers like Dileep driving them around. #PARA# By the way, I am not against protecting women/girl from sexual harassment. I am all for it. If only Dileep can understand English I have said that this law should have been in place right at the time when JNU came into being and that I have been witness to many young girls coming out of their supervisor’s room teary eyed and under tremendous pressure to submit their thesis before a 21 July or YIELD. Got it? #PARA# I for one am confident about obtaining Justice from outside JNU God Willing. In the mean time Dileep would do well to help JNU get rid of the Albatross called the Delhi Police Cyber Cell Report and the Yahoo Report in my case. Once that can be neutralized the likes of a driver Dileep can heave a sigh of relief and afford to laugh and clap. Until then it is their prerogative to indulge in name calling, and we keep quiet letting the barking canine be! #PARA# I thought there would be something substantial in a Dileep’s rejoinder warranting my indulgence. Dileep’s “the leep” has only fallen flat! Try something better buddy! By the way I am Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan. My name has an identity. And a bland Dileep is a nobody! PS: Mull it over Dileep. Come out with something that literally knocks me out! Pussy footing doesn't help much!

Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
04/29/2013 01:12 AM

Comment Revenge and conspiracy are the only words that sexual maniacs can use in their defense. And please don't think that you and Nayar alone know everything and others don't know anything. The matter cannot be brushed under the carper any more. The Vc has upheld the cause of women and he has done the right thing.

04/28/2013 21:10 PM

Comment Mr dileep You don't know the subject. Suppose I make a complaint against you that you have sent a vulgar email to me . Whether you accept this ? Immediately you ask for a copy of email Or some other proof to confirm. In the case of Mr aiyer Ms Prof Shankari of JNU did the same thing .She deleted the unsent email. The VC of JNU accepted blindly.As per Delhi Cyber cell police report & Yahoo report says that Mr Aiyer has sent any email to any one in the world on that date. Law for the Prevention of sexual Harassment at workplace was created in order to protect women from sexual harassment. But it was never designed to be used as an instrument to settle personal scores of vengeance against men.

04/28/2013 11:07 AM

Comment Nayar and the like of him (Srinivasan, SMD etc etc) are desperate to get away with their crime. They are constantly trying to hijack this page to prove their point and use it to their advantage. They are unnecessarily trying to complicate a simple case of sexual exploitation. They should know that now sexual crimes are being treated very seriously in this country and especially in educated circles. Their tricks will not succeed. The guilty will be punished. An example will be set.

04/28/2013 04:24 AM

Comment Boy, this blog by Prof. Shubha Tiwari is getting real viral! Mr. SMD has raised very relevant questions and the cattle class intellectual elite of JNU must be whacking their peanut sized brains to come out with a suitable response! How they wish the entire world began and ended within the Kangaroo Campus of JNU!!! mmmm. Mr. SMD sounds more like an Advocate. Some of the points raised by him did not even occur to me or may have occurred in hindsight. The Hon'bl DHC's judgement in respect of the WP (C) 8226/2007 -- That must be yet another albatross strung around JNU's neck apart from of course the Delhi Police Cyber Cell Report and the Yahoo Report. It is going to be fun time for the Media. Ahoy! Get on board guys; there is a huge party round the corner. THANK YOU Mr. SMD for your electric questions! I will bring it to the knowledge of my Advocate!

Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
04/27/2013 01:10 AM

Comment I would like to ask Mr VC of JNU why two type of rules adopted one for Mr nayar and another rule for Mr Aiyer. In case of Aiyer you have directly given punishment without waiting for Appeal & EC result whereas in case of Nayar you have suspended why?. In the case of Mr Aiyer Prof Shankari sundararaman filed a false case against Mr Aiyer. you have not provided the 1. Email copy,2 Statement of the eight witnesses 3. Copy of the cross-examination of the complainant by GSCASH. 4. Copy of the cross-examination of the witnesses by GSCASH. 5. Copy of the cross –examination of the complainant by the defendant. 6. Ms. D. Tambey’s written statement witnessing his following the complainant. 7. Mr. A. K. Pasha’s written statement witnessing his following the complainant.”. As per Delhi Police cyber cell report & Yahoo report clearly says that Mr Aiyer has not sent any email to any one in the world and also Ms Prof Shankari sundararaman deleted the emails received. My question is how the unsent emails were read by witnesses and how the unsent emails were deleted by Ms prof Shankari sundararaman and how the VC of JNU accepted .Now come to the point Pl ref Delhi High Court judgement W.P.(C) No.8226/2007 wherein the Honourable Judge mentioned " As noted earlier, no opportunity was given to the petitioner for verbal cross examination of the complainant. A perusal of the inquiry report shows that the committee informed the petitioner that he could cross examine the complainant by giving written questions to the committee. In our opinion, mere permission to give written questions to the committee for cross examination of the complainant does not fulfil the legal requirement on the part of the Inquiring Authority, to give opportunity to the delinquent to cross examine her. Cross examination by giving written questions to the inquiring authority can never be as effective as verbal cross examination and cannot be its proper substitute. While putting questions to a witness the examiner does not know what answer the witness would give to the questions put to him/her. It is, therefore, not possible for him to formulate the next question without taking into consideration the answer given by the witness. The answer given by the witness to one question may lead to further questions from the examiner on the same line, in order to elicit truth from the witness and to impeach his/her trustworthiness. Moreover, asking the petitioner to give written questions for cross examination was confined in respect of the complainant alone. No opportunity was given to the petitioner even to give written questions for cross examination of other witnesses examined by the committee. It was imperative on the part of the Inquiring Authority to give opportunity to the petitioner for her cross examination not only of the complainant but also of the other witnesses examined by it. Denial of opportunity to cross examine the complainant and other witnesses examined by the committee constitutes gross violation of principles of natural justice." In case of Mr Aiyer same thing happened face to face opportunity refused and written questions were accepted . Email copy not provided and as per Delhi Police report & yahoo report Mr Aiyer has not sent any email to any one on 11.04.08 & 12.04.08. and How Prof Shankari sundararaman received those unsent email and how witness able to read those unsent email. Can any one from JNU answer this because I want to learn how to read the unsent email. Thanks & regards

04/26/2013 10:36 AM

Comment I invite readers to go through the Hon'bl DHC Judgement in respect of the Sexual Harassment case -- Prof. Bidyut Chakraborty Vs. University of Delhi -- W.P. (C) No.8226/2007. It is available here: http://lobis.nic.in/dhc/VKJ/judgement/04-07-2009/VKJ29052009CW82262007.pdf . Being familiar with the Draconian procedure(s) followed by JEE YES GAS of JNU I am sure they must have followed the same rigmarole in the enquiry against Prof KR Nayar. [I am looking at his case only from the legal point of view and I have no sympathy whatsoever to whatever party because none was given to me by anybody. I believe TRUTH SHOULD PREVAIL]. I invite readers to read paragraph 14 of the judgement where the Hon'bl Judge tears into the procedure followed by DU -- the same one as was followed in my case by the JEE YES GAS. This is just a teaser as to what awaits JOY NOW UGLY (JNU). Please after going through the judgement kindly return to this board. Write as to what you feel about it. Let us discuss, debate. Let us make it lively. Remember, whereas hundred criminals may go Scot-free one innocent soul SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED howsoever exalted the cause!

Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
04/25/2013 02:35 AM

Comment I joined JNU way back in 1976, I had just then become eligible to vote. I was impressed by its egalitarian outlook. Professors, Working Class employees (like myself), and students used to move together as though they are members of the same family. I saw Professors borrowing beedies from Safai Karamcharis, drinking Tea from the same cup, giving blazing lectures about upliftment of the working class, and oh boy, I thought this is what is called Revolution. They drank tarra from the same bottle with the working class! Vive la Revolucion I used to shout. Some Professors bedded and married their student; that is when I thought this is something irregular because I was born and brought up in a culture imagining students to be like children of their teachers, and not their wives! ##PARAGRAPH## I soon realized this is pretentious revolution which is never going to happen because pretension is like cinema, soon when the cinema is over, reality dawns, and there is no more cinema. I developed intense dislike, revulsion for these scoundrels masquerading as champions of the Proletariat. All their feelings for the working class were only skin deep and a façade for protecting their bourgeoisie interests. ##PARAGRAPH## Then came a Marxist male Professor who requested me to type out the MTech dissertation of his nephew, a student of IIT Delhi under promise of payment. Typing a MTech dissertation full of algebraic calculations on a manual typewriter was a tough job! Still I could do it in style! The time for payment came, and he reneged giving me a sermon from the Gita saying "you have the right only to work and not to demand its fruits". I was not impressed. Like carrying coal to Dhanbad/Neyveli/Newcastle he was lecturing me from the Gita! I walked out of his Chamber deeply disturbed. I was planning to buy Cerelac and Nestum for my children who were 1 and 2 years of age then. Perhaps a Tamil Movie with my wife was also on the cards. He screwed up all that with his sermon from the Gita. However, I soon heard from the Dean of the School that Prof. XYZ has complained in writing that I had slapped him knocking out his spectacles, loosening a couple of teeth etc. Fortunately he did not tear down his shirt and put the blame on me! ##PARAGRAPH## The matter was referred to Prof. Y. Nayudamma the then VC. I was called to meet him. I walked into his office, denied the allegation, and had the audacity to tell the VC to keep both of us under suspension till such time an enquiry could be completed in the matter. Prof Nayudamma, a true champion of the working class, laughed out loud and that was the end of the matter. Mr PN Sharma, the then Registrar called me and asked me as to what really happened "off the record". With the Almighty's Grace I had the courage to tell the Registrar in his room "off the record" as to what happened. ##PARAGRAPH## Those were different times when true men were ruling the roost unlike the present when men of straw like a BB Buttacharya or a VK Jain are (were) at the helm! ##PARAGRAPH## Now when I was a few years away from retirement I was accused of wordly laying a female Professor pleading with her to give me Axl Rose! ##PARAGRAPH## I look at these two instances of being accused of slapping a male Marxist Professor and wordly laying a female Marxist Professor as one of class-conflict between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. A Professor and a Stenographer representing the bourgeoisie and the proletariat respectively! What better place for this to happen than in the LOST bastion of Marxism called JNU! What better satisfaction than this in the life of a Stenographer! Even if I were to become the Registrar of JNU that would not have been as much orgasmic than this! Thank you JNU! However, in the mean time be careful about your Professors -- both male and female alike. The male Professors though old in age, they are very young at heart. The female Professors are vicious and vindictive; the current law against Sexual Harassment has only added venom to the poison ivies amongst them which is risky for the young ones with dreamy eyes joining JNU!

Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
04/22/2013 10:57 AM

Comment Looks like I am the only man here giving my full name while the intellectual elite appear to be hiding behind pseudonyms. Come on guys and girls, write under your original name. The satisfaction you get by letting the opponents know as to who the writer is, if I may have the pleasure of saying so, is orgasmic. [The word is used here to express the feeling of "extremely exciting" or "stimulating". For e.g., "It must be an orgasmic experience to be an astronaut and see the Earth as a little, colourful marble surrounded by blackness." http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/orgasmic]. Honestly I do not know as to what really happened in the case related to Prof. KR Nayar. Therefore I will hold back my acerbic comments as regards this case. However, I tend to agree with Prof. Shubha Tiwari regarding Sexual Harassment of PhD students on the JNU Campus. I was a witness to many such harassments spread over nearly 34 years -- I have seen many a girl students running out of her supervisor's room teary-eyed. I am also witness to many female girl students yielding to their male supervisors who are so old with limpin jack (LJ) of a damp squib. May be the girls do a BJ to their supervisor and make it big [I am not talking about making big the LJ) by landing "faculty" posts in their own departments or in other departments or in other colleges or universities where the very same damp squibs act as selection committee members. If it is a male student like a Chintamani Mahapatra, his job is to act the driver for his supervisor driving him round Delhi in his rickety Maruti 800. Or in the case of other male "research scholars" they act as servants of the supervisor's household bringing meat, chicken, milk, vegetables, fruits, out of their UGC JRF/SRF grants. The "Supervisors" are busy with their nocturnal "research" throughout the first three-and-a-half years of the research students tenure working under them. They wake up in the last semester of the 4th year and order their "scholar" to bring their draft. The Scholar dutifully brings out his draft thesis. The supervisor again gets busy with his "research", and there is hardly two months left before the researcher is to submit his thesis on 21 July. He/she is tense, nervous; they really do not know what to do. They are perplexed. You go to their palace of a house on the campus, the lady tells you "doctor sahib is at the Centre". You rush to the "Chamber" of the Sahib and you find it locked. You start biting your nails. It is almost the second week of July. The students both male and female are a nervous wreck around this time. The Supervisor hardly does anything on the draft, may be, he simply dots the i's and crosses the t's. He asks them to bring the "final" version before the deadline on 21 July for his signature as otherwise he will not sign or he will be going out of station. The students then rush to professional typists like yours truly who are already busy almost round the clock typing out page after page of highly plagiarized "cut-paste research". He accepts one more out of pity for the young man/woman because in these youngsters he sees his own children, and of course, it means more money and more comforts for his own children. It helps his children have those shoes upon their feet. (I am reminded here, of Paul Anka's song "Papa"). Guys like Chintamani Mahapatra are lucky (in spite of being his supervisor Prof. MSV's driver) because a Professor like MS Venkataramani thinks thesis is serious business, especially if it is one written under his supervision. Therefore he almost re-writes the entire thesis by his own hand, asks Chintamani to get it edited by that doyen of English scholars -- Prof. Dr. A.S. Hebbar [a very good friend of mine, my eyes moisten thinking of him. He is no more] -- he literally turns the draft thesis inside out and when it is typed out by a professional typist like me, boy, you think that Chintamani is the greatest of scholars to have walked the face of the Earth! Actually Prof. Shubha Tiwari, this sexual harassment laws should have been in place almost immediately as the establishment of an Institution where you have many sex-starved piranhas in place and in young girls they see an outlet for their pent-up carnal fantasies. Be that as it may, I should not lose this opportunity to highlight as to how these Sexual Harassment laws can be misused by equally frustrated females to settle their perceived sense of insult at the hands of a brilliant working class Professorial Stenographer like myself. I invite you all to Google for "Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan SEX JNU" and you can go through the resulting web-pages and acquire first hand information as to how I was hounded out of JNU by GSCASH (I like calling it JEE YES GAS) by M/s Sangeeta Dasgupta, KD Usha, Vidhu Verma and the Administration led by that dioti Bengali Brahman Bhattacharya, and VK Jain. They will swallow all these insults flowing from my hands here and will dare not file a complaint against me for apparent reasons. They know discretion is better part of valour. My case in brief: Following an altercation on 10 April 2008 with Prof. Dr. Shankari Sundararaman (SS) of the Centre for South, Southeast, Central Asian & South-West Pacific Studies of SIS, at the end of which I told her to "shut up and mind your own business"; she felt it as a severe blow to her newfound ego of a teaching-employee at JNU, she couldn't swallow this tongue-lash and before turning around promised me to teach me the lesson of my life. Knowing well the clout she commands with the JNUTA which backseat drives JNU Administration, and as I was nearing the end of my career, I tried patching up with her over the telephone thrice on 10, 12 and 15 April 2008 to no avail. I forgot all about it soon. But she remembered her promise to me of a lesson of my life, and she lodged a complaint with the GSCASH on 29 Sep 2008 that I had sent her obscene emails written in transliterated Tamil from my Yahoo ID on 11 and 12 April 2008 to her Hotmail ID requesting her to give me Axl Rose (an anagram for a basic instinct). And that she has deleted the mails by mistake both from her inbox and trashcan, and therefore she cannot produce a hard copy. Even in the absence of any evidence whatsoever the GSCASH took it up for an enquiry, held me guilty, and through the ever obliging dioit of a BBB had me "compulsorily retired without financial loss" on 29 July 2010. I have not yet claimed my pension benefits as I am more keen on getting my salary from August 2010 onwards. As I said earlier, you can Google for my name and get to read the entire story. Those anxious to join issues with me, they are most welcome to do so under their identifiable names. I will be waiting here for them with my word-drawn! I consider those hiding under pseudonyms as not worth my steel! As I have said in some other forum, if Prof. KR Nayar is innocent, he need not be concerned about the sanctity for words like "confidential" "secret" etc. because these words stand denuded of any respect the moment you realize the charges are false and cooked-up. Hence, there is no harm letting the world know as to what exactly happened between you, the complainant and others opposed to you. Or else if you are willy nilly guilty, or 51/49 innocent, then of course you have to play the cloak-and-dagger to wriggle out of the situation. I wish you all the very best. May Truth Prevail! Satyameva Jayate! Remember to write to Sudhir demanding setting up of an Appeals Committee. PS: I tender my apologies to the "intellectual elite" for my poor command over English. After all how much can you expect from one who has had his schooling in a Govt. aided School! I salute the public school educated progenies of the bourgeoisie for their "flawless" Queen's English.

Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan
04/22/2013 07:12 AM

Comment Has anyone read the JNU's SH Policy? The guidelines strictly states that confidentiality and privacy of both the individual reporting and the accused are to be respected. I am afraid this was not followed in the later's case.

04/19/2013 10:24 AM

Comment The foul play by faculties such as Rajib aka RD is so clear reading these comments.

04/18/2013 22:51 PM

Comment Nice comments............ Lal Salam comrades........ Lal Salam........................ "OPERATION NAYAR" became successful and he is down................ Let the final verdict to come.....all JNU students are waiting for the final verdict..If they also do injustice like the way GSCASH enquiry committee has done............. then the whole indian community will come to know about the case .......... everything will be out... The conspirators name, trajectories, all the collected evidences about the people behind this case........ the media will celebrate this case..................

04/17/2013 12:25 PM

Comment Browsing through the net and saw this link Sad to see several derogatory comments against a professor who as I understand has been working in the university for several years... Has the case concluded to throw so much muck... Is this effort worth... people commenting about someones character should first understand if there is really a case to even discuss in such forums.. More so to even put such a post in a blog.. a though for Prof Tiwari... I work as an investigator in a IT company and get to see several such complaints and in many of these cases the investigator and decision makers tends to favor the women, this could be an unconscious gender bias. Organisations at time make efforts to portray the belief that they are protective of their women employees... sadly sometimes crucifying the innocent male employee. Several times the complaints are falsified and done only with the intention to victimizing a strict or disciplinarian supervisor. Facts are not studied and false witnesses are presented and decisions in such cases becomes very prejudiced and lopsided... Hope there is no personal vendetta in this case against the Prof and the investigators make a unbiased investigation of the case... Let's not forget the fundamental maxims 'Let Hundred Guilty Be Acquitted But One Innocent Should Not Be Convicted'

04/17/2013 10:38 AM

Comment now i have to agree with some points which burns now in the campus and centre.... it is not who writes? the issue is what is written? answer to that questions instead of who wrote. how Prof.Kid can be there in the enquiry committee...why dont they respond to that question.... so the nexus is out....what is interest of this nexus...is it ok if one MR is submitting false evidence and making forgery to a semi-judicial system of GSCASH..... better to wait and see more shocking news..... one has all the right to file a complaint.....nobody can challenge that... but why other faculties creating false evidence for that.... what is the interest behind it.... so mongers should answer those important questions first.... it doesnt mean that no need to conduct a proper, valid enquiry.... and the forgers have to be punished equally and their true colour should come out....

04/17/2013 05:53 AM

Comment It's disheartening to see that even on the point of gender equality and gender justice, there can be a debate in 21st century India. When will we get rid of the gazer-gazed, predator-prey psyche? Only yesterday, a minister in MP has been sacked for speaking to girls in double meaning words and forcing a lady officer to smile. His brazenness has shaken the public conscience and he has been made to pay. This man and all others like him must be removed from the system so that girls can freely move, smile, laugh, study and enjoy life the way they want. These maniacs are like a dark burden whose presence chokes all warmth and happiness. Fortunately for girls, there are many men on their side now. That's the silver lining.

04/17/2013 05:17 AM

Comment I AGREE WITH AKHILESH....it must be nayar writing in the name of double cross, tara, anjan ...... just like Mohan Rao writing in the name of akhilesh,truth,rpm,shalibala misra ,sribiuddha and subha tiwari.

04/17/2013 04:54 AM

Comment @ DOUBLECROSS. Do you think yourself to be a Quiz Master Dereck O'Brian? If yes, then please have some sensibility, rationality and logic in your questions/arguments rather then writing as per your 'Hallucinations'. Your name itself tells your intentions and size of your brain. Do not counter your points with your own points. Even your English is also so broken and wrong. @AKHILESH Well Said. That person never had the logic and rationality of thinking and arguing. This was true in past, still holds true in the present and will continue to be like that in future as well. And latest comment of TARA definitely shows that it is somebody else writing falsely in the name of TARA. Anyways- even if it is TARA or anybody else- Logic is in any case not there and consistency is no where. It is just a VOMITING of rumors and imaginations in order to make them sound like a reality. Do not bother.

04/16/2013 22:54 PM

Comment It's clear that Nayar himself is writing in the name of Tara, Anjan or Doublecross in order to confuse others and save himself.

04/16/2013 21:21 PM

Comment UPDATE 1.Prof.Kid at JNU, declared national emergency and ordered to maintain law and order (Can do anything....somebody told her CASH membership is enough to do anything) 2. Honorable Supreme Court Judge asked a question "Sir you have been questioned by Prof.Kid,JNU"? He was just smiling and told she has all that power since she has CASH and no one can challenge her self-declaration to decide and involve in anything and everything. 3.CASH Composition vi. a .g says "person with the short name AK can even dismiss CASH Chairperson" and that is the benefit of the name AK. Mind it...............!!!! 4.MR is totally confused about his own double cross.....and he started asking questions like "letter" ? which letter? what letter? where is that letter? I don't know any letter....no letter. 5.Very cunningly MR is keeping his silence. But he has to open his mouth at court and face penal action for forgery and blackmailing a Ph.D student and threatening her to give a false complaint. 6.The student is ready to be a forgiven witness against MR and the highest authority will protect her research interests within the stipulated time and so student is ready to say fact against MR 5.Prof.Kid says "no you have given a letter" the fight started for not able cover up false evidence properly. 6.Small forgers are shivered due to summer fever and but started pampering others 7.Other conspirators are cursing themselves on what they wrote. 8. If KR was a harasser why did he scold for research issue? 9. Requesting with CV for a job and next week give witness statement against Prof. ha...the best crow. 10.If evidences are so strong and compatible what is the need of making very derogatory comments against students of Prof.K.R. 11. The one in the name of 'truth' is barking literally. How many girls have been harassed by Prof. Nayar. You have evidence or will you ask evidence if some one says something against some one at your family with out any proper evidence. 12.Kid has to drink poison of MR....but why the students especially those who think 1000 crore "fourth estate " is with me and I know law. 13. Be careful if some one praise you like a god....great blessing.....you are the best...like my father...the next day there could be just opposite especially in a camps where Kid is very active to create a victim for an idiot. 14. Dear truth ......things are out of control..... 15. CASH is nothing but GSCASH is a respectable institute and insulting its procedures are rule are serious matters and it is not like anybody can say anything. 16. Violation is violation even if it is done by a MR. 17. Revolutionary Party (RP) is also in great trouble for insulting the students by making blanket statement. 18. Will it be ok if mongers Ph.D thesis is sent to a primary school teacher for evaluation. Why it is not possible? 19.Just like that AK is not supposed to be there in enquiry committee. What was AK's interests? 20. What is the offer from MR to AK?

04/16/2013 17:31 PM

Comment @ Dr. S. Sribuddhe. Well Said. It is useless arguing with such people who have lost their sanity of mind and rationality of thinking. Posts by TARA and ANJAN are examples of the same. There are many more once TOI Webpages are opened. Energies need to be constructively used and channelized rather wasting on these peanut size brains.

04/16/2013 12:44 PM

Comment @Dr. S. Sribuddhe- What you have written is right, "Thousands of conspirators will not succeed if the man has not harassed the complainant and he definitely has not. We do not have faith in the type of thinking and wisdom of the authorities who have have been entrusted with the task of judging the case. It will definitely go down as an example for generations to come as how an innocent man can become a "Bakra" for the wolves."

04/16/2013 09:53 AM

Comment The university authorities have taken a strong and positive step by suspending the man in question. They must have done it after due consideration. The battle here is being fought on an emotional plane. The question is not whether any Deviji is watching or not. The point is that a young girl has come out from our pest-ridden sick system and has demanded her right to dignity. We should all support her. Imagine if this maniac returns to the Dept in his full capacity, what he would do to this girl! The tragedy is that senior lady professors seldom support young girls. They think that if they were used and exploited, the same must happen to every girl. This is the vicious circle and we have to break it. Today's generation is aware of its rights and should rightly be so. If we want to see girls in the public space, if we want our country to be modern, liberal, we must support our girls. The evidence collected against this maniac is sufficient. Thousands of conspirators could not succeed if the man himself would not have acted and spoken the way he definitely has. Decisions are taken on propriety. Let's have faith in the right thinking and wisdom of the authorities who have have been entrusted with task of upholding right values and practices. This case is just not one case. It will go down as an example for generations to come.

Dr. S. Sribuddhe
04/15/2013 21:57 PM

Comment @RPM- Prof. Nayar has been working in the company of eight female teachers over the past 28 years. Has anybody lodged any complaints against him as a potential threat to their dignity? I would like to know. If not, do it now as it will strengthen your false accusations and evidences. You can get the FORM from Doctor Conspirator's table.

04/15/2013 12:20 PM

Comment Hello False, hiding behind the name Truth. I understand the limitations of your mind. You have not commented on my points. The content of your post shows that you really don't have any matter to put forward.Your writing shows immaturity and the extent to which you can stoop to. For me reality is never bitter. As you have said my Devi is seeing all this, which you will realize with time. Your comments on Anjan are unwanted and derogatory. Who are you? Can only your identity be kept under wraps? Please change your name from Truth to False so that people will still have faith in the real truth.

04/15/2013 12:04 PM

Comment @TARA Stop being disillusioned with your husband and come to terms with the bitter reality of his 'psyche' which is obsessed with 'female body'. Just be bit more rational and truth will unfold one by one in front of your eyes and in your mind. Undoubtedly realtiy is bitter but sooner it is accepted better it is for oneself and for others as well. Stop raising allegations at the whole world and attempting to prove ONLY YOUR HUSBAND is right and sane. Whosoever speaks the truth- is labelled at 'Wrong or a group doing a conspiracy against KR Nayar'. And if you would have been aware of all the evidences and at some point used your little bit of sensibility- such a kind of statement loaded with blind belief would have never come out. You are a worshipper of Devi Kannagi. Well your Devi is also seeing all this. Further beyond this nothing need to be told and written. Truth has always won and it will win till this world remains. @ ANJAN Stop displaying the narrowness of your head on such a public forum. It is already undersood- how small is your brain size. RPM and RD is so easily just reduced down to two names in the world. Don't you think Schizophrenic symptoms are over riding your rational thinking where as per your thinking everybody else in the world seems to be conspirator, lier etc etc except KR Nayar. Anjan better you show some guts and reveal your IDENTITY rather then imagining something and questioning it on your own only.

04/14/2013 23:56 PM

Comment Wife supporting hubby is no big deal. It's obvious. What other option she has? But the slow and deadly cruelty with which this man executes his plans demands that he must go to jail. he's a potential threat to females.

04/14/2013 21:39 PM

Comment Hi Anjan, I don't care if it's Rajib, Ritu, Mohan or Rama. It is very clear they just want him out. What the complainant did was, that she tried to use my husband Nayar for academic favours. When she found that he did not compromise on the academic front she wanted to get into another game. Now her god has turned into a demon. I'm aware of all the evidences. She was involved in a kind of small talk with him with a well planned objective behind it. I also know that all the statements of the witnesses are fake and most of the student witnesses are registered under "Doctor Conspirator". The complainant was recommending other students to take his course during the said period. So if he's a womanizer what does that make her? She told other students that she was blessed to have him as her guide until 2 days before she was scolded for a poor abstract after which she filed this complaint. Long live justice. If anyone has comments regarding the truth of what I have written, am I ready to be pelted at.

04/14/2013 13:06 PM

Comment Nirbhaya was raped on just one day but when a Professor uses his research scholars, it happens from 1st Jan to 31st Dec, 365 days, the whole year. And there are umpteen number of Professors doing this dirty business. The cases of Professors misusing their position to exploit women are no less heinous than that of Nirbhaya. The same intensity is required to crush them.

Prof. Shubha Tiwari
04/14/2013 11:10 AM

Comment @ANJAN 04/12/2013 Mr/Mrs/Miss Anjan- whosoever you are- First get your facts right rather then pointing at someone else who is sensible and gender sensitive (AUTHOR). Report has not been leaked anywhere and please correct your respective source of information as well before raising such serious misguided allegations. Rather then the case it is your intentions and rationale of writing this comment which are highly suspicious. And what do you mean by writing ' Professor is internationally well known academician with impeccable records?' So Does that mean he cannot be a harasser? Kindly rethink about the logic you are trying to give here. And which 'majority of students' are you talking about which supports Dr Nayar? Except few of his misguided and ignorant people, everybody single person knows that he has been a serial sex offender who has victimized women and misused his position as a teacher. There is enough strong evidence to support the same rather then any kind of rumor based on void arguments. All those (including you) who are attempting to do Dr Nayar's character verification by raising defamatory allegations at the complainant and Dr Nayar's colleagues- There is one basic question- Anyone of you have seen the complaint and strong evidence produced? No!! So then keep quiet rather then simply shooting in the dark and doing character verification of the accused and refuse to look what is evident and proved. Moreover, if you have read and understood VISHAKA GUIDELINES with a gender sensitive attitude then definitely you would not have made a comment as vague as 'lady student has NOT explained the nature of sexual harassment'. It is explained at the right platform in front of the right people where it was required - GSCASH. GSCASH is a body which is constituted democratically with elections in the campus. You are saying that HER written complaint has many anomalies- Have you read the complaint? If yes then certainly you would have seen the strong evidence produced. If your answer is No then with a simple common sensical logic - the statement you have written is actually nullified. What makes you say that Dr Nayar was not given a chance to present his defense? Orders have come after a fair and thorough inquiry done over a period of time by the committee after giving fair and equal opportunities to both the parties to present their stance. Basically, it is clearly evident from your comment- that you do not have full facts, right information and you are writing and interpreting based on twisted information given which is over shadowed with a bias and favoritism. Or may be very consciously you refuse to look at the reality.So kindly start thinking with an openness to (bitter) realities and a 'Gender Just and Sensitive Mind' and get your facts right before raising such serious misguided arguments.You better start feeling sorry first for your insensitivity and ignorance and then for somebody else.

04/14/2013 06:55 AM

Comment @RD the level to which you have stooped and written your comments validate my concerns regarding the case. My gratitude to you for helping me prove my point. Since you know Dr Nayar's history so vey well, it is evident that you are his coworker. Anyone can search JNU's csmch website and get both RD and RPMs identity from the faculty list and thus understand the malicious campaign to defame the Professor. Such individuals are a blot to educational system. Shame on both!

04/14/2013 03:26 AM

Comment @ RD my name is Anjan and not Anjam. Rajib and Ritu - looks like you have decided to eliminate KRN. Anyway truth shall win in the end.

04/14/2013 02:09 AM

Comment @RD and RPM please show some guts and reveal your true identities. RD - Please substantiate your claim about Dr Nayar being a womaniser with solid evidence . Most of Dr Nayar's lady students - both present and past have come out with full support to him. The concerned lady student herself has acknowledged in past of Dr Nayar being a father figure. It is gross violation of all rules and norms by not allowing Dr Nayar to defend his case. And the concerned lady has never mentioned 'sexual harassment' in her written complaint. My hearty congratulations to all for crucifying an innocent man. @ Subha - FYI The final enquiry is till pending and will be completed only by May 10th!

04/14/2013 01:35 AM

Comment Simply because a girl could not muster courage to complain earlier, it does not mean that she cannot complain now. Nayar must be removed. I totally agree with Prof. Tiwari's views because the concern is to stop future cases of sexual exploitation.

04/13/2013 23:36 PM

Comment Anjam does not know what he's talking about. Nayar is known for his womanizing. He is pitying Nayar's family whereas Nayar himself does not pity them. It gives me shivers to imagine what Nayar would have done, had he become a VC somewhere. Everybody knows that for a girl research scholar, sex with the guide is a pre-condition for getting the degree in Indian universities. It's very brave of this girl to have come out. Every right thinking person should come out and support the cause of these young girls who are forced to become cheap and promiscuous before becoming scholars in this land of devis and goddesses. It's the sick mentality that defends people like Nayar. Not only one Professor, but all such Professors should be removed from the system. A very clear and positive message must be sent across the society. All credit to JNU for taking the remedial step.

04/13/2013 21:49 PM

Comment The committee of JNU has finally submitted its report and the university has acted on the report. There will always be people defending other people. In an honest system, we have to by the rules. Views and counter views do not matter. As it is, it is very difficult in such cases to come out and get justice. And nobody who knows Indian universities will ever say that sexual harassment of research scholars does not exist; in fact, it's rampant. I take this case as a symptom of a much deeper disease.

Prof. Shubha Tiwari
04/13/2013 11:45 AM

Comment Please donot write articles without knowing the full facts.The haste shown by the institute PRO Poonam Kudaisy in leaking this "confidential report " to media even before the investigations were completed makes it a highly suspicious case. The professor is a internationally well known academician with impeccable records. The majority of students in campus have given their full support to Dr Nayar. Besides the lady student has NOT explained the nature of sexual harassment nor given any evidence. Her written complaint has many anomalies. For eg in her complaint she has stated that incidents have been taking place from March 2012, while she registered as a phd student under him in June 2012! Besides she had been strongly recommending Dr Nayars lectures to junior students till a few months back. Dr Nayar was supposed to attend a WHO conference representing India and also was about to be appointed as Vice Chancellor in a reputed university when this case came up. The most shocking part in the case was that Dr Nayar was not allowed a chance to present his defense. There are already strong evidences of dirty politics played by his colleagues in his own department to tarnish his reputation and damage his career. Questioning the PRO will reveal many truths. I truly feel sorry for Dr K R Nayar and his family.

04/13/2013 07:17 AM

Comment I totally agree with the writer's views. To achieve success in academic skill, if such dirty practices are involved, we will perish. As long as we consider women as an consumer items, we will face total destruction.

Shailbala Misra.
04/12/2013 00:22 AM

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