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Rise of India in next decade- 2
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In the series of aticles that I have been writing about the rise of India in next decade or so,
This is my second article.

Well growth of any country is directly proportional to the commitment of the nation towards the Progress. In general we all want to progress and want a better life. For any prosperous nation it is commitment of citizen to make it's nation a better to work and live not the politicians of that nation. The Polticians do create policies- good or bad is all together different topic.

The basic towards the progress is to identify the sector of the whole system of the society which need to be improved and which requires rectification. The most basic and biggest problem is to identify the issues which needs the mass attentionof the society  and demands a huge change in the society. Change is the only constant thing of a life and is not liked by most of the people in the society. No change for a society can be defined as good or bad and  is totally dependent on the the perception and approach of the society towards the change. In current situation we as an Indians have done a lot of progress which is true is short term and few blocks of society but in a long run we are going to loose.

Indian retail industry has been booming and exploding like never before, in past decade prices of property of property has goneup many folds and literally the buying a property for a middle class is a distant dream for now.

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