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Prophetic Gadgil
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Perhaps there is no other province or unit of governance in the whole world is more blessed than the so-called God’s Own Country of Kerala in Indian nation. Kerala, which is a mere 600 kms in length and maximum 150 kms in breadth, contains 40 odd rivers, atleast a couple of major fresh water lakes and thousands of minor water bodies. Yet when one monsoon rainy season fails, there is no electricity and even drinking water in this little piece of land. Even half a century after electing the first pro-poor Communist government in the whole world, the progressive and fully literate Keralites have miserably failed in setting up a credible ruling dispensation that can create and sustain the bare minimum requirements for human sustenance. The two warring confederations of political parties, with only religious agenda, are failing to see the basic requirements of modern human beings irrespective of his caste or creed.
Present day Kerala is far behind most other states in India in terms of basic infrastructure requirements needed for industrial growth. But the beauty of Kerala lies in the fact it is landlocked between Western Ghat mountains on eastern side and Arabian Sea on the western side. It is the best suited land for agriculture and non-polluting industries. But the uncontrolled population growth has overran all the advantages of this beautiful piece of land. Kerala cannot sustain a population of more than 25 million if we are aiming to achieve Socialism atleast in terms of food, health, education and employment. Hidden agenda of vast sections of our society controlled by foreign interests in resisting all forms of population control is taking Kerala to disaster at an accelerated pace. Krishna Iyer committee’s report for population control has been shelved without even a debate.   
In this engulfing gloom of self-inflicted catastrophe, the brilliant report about conservation of Western Ghats by Prof. Madhav Gadgil committee has come as a ray of hope. It is not one of those amateurish exercises of intellectual verbosity prepared by glorified messiahs of ecology. Gadgil’s report is painstakingly prepared and full of intellectual honesty. Prof. Gadgil is nothing but a prophet who has come to give the final warning to Keralites. All its findings are cent percent truthful and all its recommendations are fully implementable. If it is not taken seriously at least now, Kerala has very little future to look forward to. Land Mafia and Uncontrolled Reproduction must be resisted at any cost by forceful implementation of Gadgil’s and Krishna Iyer’s reports. Otherwise, our Own Country will belong to Dog’s and not to God.    

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