All are Not Equal in the Eyes of Law in India

Every one is familiar with the dictum "All are Equal before the eyes of the Law". This is said rheotorically by all the people all the time. Yet in practice when we watch the happenings around us the fallacy of the above statement is very apparent. Take the latest case of couple of techies being manhandled by the hired goons who are called bodyguards of the actor Ram Charan in broad day light in a busy road while every body including a couple of policemen watching over the incident and going scotfree. Had this sort of attack been committed by an ordinary person would he have been let go in this fashion?

The photos released in the press indicate the ghastlyness of the incident and the audacity with which it was committed. Let us analyse the situation.  Ram Charan was travelling by a fancy car and it so happend that he was in the midst of heavy traffic in th busy Road No 1 Banjara Hills and he was behind a Maruthi Alto which was also moving in the same traffic. The driver of the fancy car had honked the horn aslomg tje car in front to give way.  But as happens in heavy traffic conditions it is not always possible to accede to such demands instantly.  Being a VIP  the owner of the fancy car thought that it is his birth right to become impatient and take law into his own hands.  So at the first oppurtunity he overtook the car in front blocked the way, he must have called his goons already and they appeared on the scene and attacked the hapless occupants of the Maruthi Alto who happen to be employees.  While every body including the cops were watching the VIP walked away unconcearned after accomplishing what he desired.

Even the cops when the victims approached them must have advised them of the consequences of going against a so called Super Star and the son of a Central Minister. The same policemen, had a common man been in the plance of the VIP, they would have straight away booked him even with out a complaint. There are innumerable examples llike this that are happening daily;  hence "All are NOT EQUAL before the eyes of Law and SOME ARE MORE EQUAL."

More By  :  Nagesh Chavali

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Comment It is a highly deplorable incident. In spite of al the details being available I am certain that no action will ever be taken because of "hih" connections of the culprits. God help this country!!

08-May-2013 03:50 AM

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