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Acknowledge The Ups And Downs Of Life
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There are days you wake up feeling bigger than life. You are on a natural high! Then the very next day, you can wake up feeling helpless, hopeless and worthless and worthless. You may feel that if you had the strength, you would bury yourself forever.

Both of these experiences are natural, normal and to be expected. They are what we call the ups and downs, the high and lows of life. There are, however, some very important things you must be able to do in order to make it through these experiences without getting bruised.

When you are high, be aware of the commitments and decisions you make. Discipline yourself to avoid taking on more than you can do because you feel like you can do it all. Restrain yourself, knowing that even if you remain up for the next few days, your plate may be full, your days may be scheduled. Take your time in doing whatever you are doing so that you will not be forced to redo or overdo at a later time.

Do not get caught up in high times, allowing a good feeling to motivate you to take on things which could cause you to crash.

If you wake up feeling low or low down, allow yourself the luxury of the experience. Allow yourself to remember that you are human and life goes on. It renews itself each day, offering you the opportunity to do the same. Avoid the things you do to deny where you are. Simply be! Be present with yourself and what you feel for at least 48 hours. After that, pick yourself up, pump yourself up, spruce yourself up in anticipation of the next wave of feeling good.

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