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I am interested in a multitude of activities – cooking, gardening, solving crosswords, playing scrabble, listening to music, reading spiritual books, to name some. Everything under the sun stimulates!  One activity that has lasted, amidst the juggling between home and career is writing - Poetry writing, to be precise.

My interest in poetry began in the year 2000, when I was on a holiday overseas, had a computer at my disposal, and could browse on Google. When my first verse was published in a website, my joy knew no bounds.  Apart from this, a couple of write-ups to newspaper magazines brought along prizes -a gold strapped watch, juice maker and a bottle of perfume!  And, this marked the beginning of an amazing journey.

Why do I write?  I write because it helps me unwind after a long grind at work, pour out candid thoughts on paper, which I can never express on a person’s face.  My elation, disappointments and other emotions manifest, either as prose, or as verse.   Here are a  few lines from one of my favorite verses –

Relationships (Life Poem)

Relationships are fragile,
Handle them with care,
else they’ll leave you with a tear.
Beware! But do not be guile.
Do not lose your identity or your smile
a wolf may in sheep’s clothing may
leave you high and dry with nothing,
you’ll be left scratching in pain
while someone else would stand to gain.

Apart from emotional outbursts in verse form, I like challenges to my creative instincts.  During those moments, I try out 'form' poetry, based on examples that I read.   One such example –

Marriage (Acrostic Poem)

Meeting of two hearts
Appreciate, understand
Reach out to one another
Rejoice in the companionship
Imbibe the partner’s good
Allow personal space
Grow and mature with time
Expectations of both fulfilled

Thirdly, this hobby has forced me to be alert, keep my ears and eyes open to websites, anthologies and journals, where I can publish my work.  To top it all, it has fructified into camaraderie with a group of like-minded people, who are from different walks of life, geographical boundaries and cultures.  I share my verses with them, and get their valuable feedback.  I also discuss spiritual view points, and  topics of general interest.  I enjoy this reverie, as it helps unravel hidden treasures from within.  I have grown not only as a poet, but also into a better human being, sensitive to people, nature and objects around.

I wish to leave my footprint in the sands of "poetry."

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