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Tips To Get a Good Night's Sleep
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Don't Watch TV in Bed

hotels set you up for sleep failure with the television just beyond the foot of the bed and a remote on the bed stand. Don't make the same mistake in your own home. Your bed has been designed for aleep, regardless of what you might think. Allow it to function properly by keeping your eyes off the TV whenever you want to sleep.

TV works against sleep in several ways. You might delay sleep until a show is over. If you do fall asleep, you could be disturbed by sudden loud noises or waking up to turn off the tube.

Avoid Caffeine Before Bedtime

Unlike alcohol, caffeine is a stimulant...and a powerful one for many people. If you have the double whammy of reacting acutely to caffeine and not sleeping well, avoid caffeine for 12 hours before bedtime.

Avoid Tobacco Before Bedtime.

Drink Warm Herbal Tea.

Choose Light Bedtime Reading.

Avoid a Big Meal Before Bedtime.

Empty Your Mind of Disruptive Thoughts.

Give Up the Mantra "If I Don't Have X Hours of Sleep, I can't Function Next Day.

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