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Freedom for all and free flow of information have always been the bête noire of dictators and undemocratic rulers worldwide. Inconvenient books used to be banned and people who raise inconvenient questions are always behind bars in a dictatorship. Governments driven by ideology, and not welfare of people, always tend to throttle open debates and exchange of views amongst the intelligentsia to keep people blissfully ignorant. Advent of internet changed all that and more money is now spent by dictatorial regimes to curtail development in technology than in its development. A fully connected and open world is a nightmare for them.

Fast evolution of communication technology is becoming game changer in the field of dissemination of information. A fully connected wire-free world (WFW) is fast becoming a distinct possibility in today's world. And if it can be made uncontainable by a universal law or by technology, the consequences can be far reaching. Google company has already perfected the idea of sending out balloons for providing wi-fi connectivity in remote areas. And if it ever becomes possible to provide wi-fi connectivity through plants and trees, the results can be astonishing.

WFW's distinct advantage is the unbridled availability of the right information to the right individual and the right time. Almost everything in the present world will change in this scenario when decision making will become transparent. Information will get disseminated at lightning speed to all stakeholders in any situation. Chances of wrong decisions will be drastically reduced. Elected or unelected rulers will have to think twice before taking any decision because everything about its background and intention is already in the public domain. WFW will change the whole world we live in.

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