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My Child Hits Other Children
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Understanding The Situation...Hitting is often due to frustration. Some young children who cannot talk well hit to get what they want. Hitting may be a bid for attention or control. Your child may think, "I belong when I hit. Mom gets worried and spends time with me." Or "I can make Mohan give me what I want."

This behavior is embarrasing to a parent. We all want our children to be accepted and well adjusted. Act immediately when he hits, kindly and with a firm calm face. "I love you very much, though I do sometimes get frustrated with what you do. Hitting is not acceptable behavior." It may take some time to remedy this behavior, but do not give up the faith.

What To Say And Do....Never slap your child for hitting. Do not take your anger out on your child, even to teach him a lesson. When you spank or  swat your child you are only teaching him to hit when he wants attention, when he is angry, or when he feels hurt.

Remove him with a calm face to time out. "Sagar, you are very frustrated. Take tme out to cool down." When he is calmer, say, "Sagar, when you hit other children you will have time out." Help him learn other ways to get what he wants: Use words, trade or negotiate, ask an adult for help.

If hitting has been a persistent problem with your child, give him warning. "Sagar, we are going over to Chopra's. If you hit anyone, we will have to come home." If he hits, fllow through.

When he plays well with no hitting, notice and comment. "Sagar, you played with no hitting. That is terrific! I love you.

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