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Key Factors In Happiness
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Don't look for happiness within yourself but in your involvement with others. Cherish the people who are important to you: your parents, teachers, family, colleagues and friends.

Ambition makes people happy but envy makes them unhappy.

Income is important for happiness, but more and more income does not lead to more and more happiness.

Your happiness will increase if three fundamentals are in, friends and fun.

Accept things as they come. To be happy, we need to enjoy what we have.

Happiness is not only a matter of individual endeavour but it is also about fulfilling social duties and obligations.

Don't imagine that you can buy happiness with money. Happiness bought with money soon melts away. Instead, invest in relationships and friendships...and enjoy them.

Freedom of choice only makes us happy when we believe that we can control the outcome of our choice. We are happier when we believe more strongly in our own abilities and efforts than in fate and destiny. This attitude can be learned. Parents and teachers should equip children with more trust in their own capacity to determine the outcome of their choices.

50% of our capacity for happiness is determined by our starting set point. We have to accept this. 10% can be attributed to our life circumstances. Don't focus too much on this......................40% is within our own power to change, requiring effort and commitment every day of our lives.

There are three steps to happiness...having (a basic living standard), loving (family, friends) and being (what goes beyond).

Concentrate on the 4 F's of, form, family and friends.

Don't believe the old adage that happiness only comes when it is not pursued. You can successfully pursue the laws of happiness.

Happiness is characterised by contentment and being at peace with oneself and the world at large.

Happiness is social. We compare our pleasant and unpleasant experiences with the people around us.

To care for other vpeople's welfare, may make us happier than only thinking about ourselves.

There are three main components of happiness. The first component is enjoyment..possessing certain things that one (passive) pleasure.
The second component is contentedness...the equilibrium between needs and satisfaction.
Third component is achievement. Happiness derives from the fulfilment of one's capacities, by doing what one enjoys.

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