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Child abuse need to be redefined..
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Ever day I come out of Mumbai office I use to see a cute little child in 7th floor of adjucent building sitting next to window and holding the Iron rods of window and see people move around, this is how her everyday free time goes, you can see the curiosity in her eyes,this sad image distrub me lot because now days childrens get very less time or no time to play.

Is playing is important in childrens life ? or its a part of growing up ?

I strongly believe playing is most important part of childrens growth even I came compare it to that of education.

But still why we don't allow or lessen our childrens time to play with neighbour and society ? 

No.1 the reason might be our over obession towards education, secondly our childrens became carrier of our dreams which is not wrong but it should not take way their natural growth process which we froget most of the times.

Lets understand why playing is important...We cannot understand or feel joy by reading book atleast that age, sucess cannot be celebrated by reading other sucess, sharing cannot be taught by stories, pain of failure not felt by reading some one failure....

These things playing teaches, when they play with other childrens and that how we all also learnt simply by playing....which is intergal part of childrens so dont take way the right of child and if you do its Child abuse....

Childrens need to dance in rain and play with the wind, beat and kiss the younger child of the neighbour.....if next time if it doesn't happen check weather you also abuse ur child.

Stop child abuse give them back their fundamental right, Right to play.

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