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New View of failure: Some Primary Themes
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Redefine Failure. failure is a natural part of life that can impact us positively or negatively depending on how we define it.

Redefine Success. The more important measure of success is based on our own deeper knowing of what's right for us rather than approval or disapproval from others.

Learn from Failure. Failure presents an opportunity for continued learning and growth while success can lead to complacency and stagnation.

View Failures as Stepping-Stones to Success. Success and failure are not incompatible...most failures are simply challenges in progress that can provide a foundation for success.

Find the Opportunties of Failure. Setbacks or short-term failures can contribute to future success if we focus on the opportunties they contain rather than the obstacles.

Use Negative Feedback to Your Advantage. Current negative feedback can provide positive information for improvement or may even suggest that you are onto something new and different...a sign of a pending breakthrough success.

Look Beyond Yourself. As you learn to focus outward, on helping others succeed rather than yourself, you become less vulnerable to what otherwise might appear to be personal failures.

Persist. Keep on trying and trying.
Sustained Effort + the Lessons of Failures
is a powerful formula for success.

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Comment life tension persist. all about verb and adverb. caught in loop life loss depend upon zameen, farsh land and profession. editor and politics is very tough in india. it takes more strength to be there and earn money and maintain service area. being a aap politician and government editor see many ups and down of my and aam aadmi with karela. take gyan and dhayan take and religion.

yasir arafat
04/26/2014 02:07 AM

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