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Solar Power
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* This hotshot converts energy from the Sun into electricity.
* Earth averages 12 hours of free light and heat each day.
* Works best in desert in desert areas with few clouds.

A little ray of sunshine, I exploit Earth's "STELLAR" energy source. Every day the Sun bathes our planet in a steady stream of light and heat. Our hot friend provides almost enough energy in one hour to meet the world's needs for a whole year! I help collect it and convert it to electricity.

I have two ways of doing this....with photovoltaic solar cells and in heat engines. Solar cells are semiconducting silicon chips that emit electrons when they are hit by photons of light. Laid out on solar panels, these sunny-side-up marvels can generate electricity for your home.

In heat engines, accumulators and mirrors concentrate the Sun's energy to produce steam that can power booming Generator. These solar furnances can reach temperatures of up to 6,300 F (3,500 C).

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