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One World, One Currency
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Once there was a great saint in Kerala who said “One caste, One religion and One God for all Humans”. He knew perfectly well that it is not possible in this highly divisive world of ours. Yet he said it and set it as a goal for all of us. Such great sayings from great visionaries exist at all times, similar to the directive principles in our great constitution. But it is saddening to note that the biggest human organization in the world viz. United Nations Organisation (UNO), is not setting such goals and proclaiming it consistently to set people thinking about it.
“One world, One currency” must be foremost among such noble goals of UNO. It will not only revolutionalize the world economy but also force the so-called leaders to perform. Right now there is no common platform to compare the performance of different nations and the cunning leaders get away by changing the goal posts. The recent redefinition of poverty level in India is one such cruel and cunning exercise of non-performing assets or over-performing liabilities that run the world’s largest democracy. Imagine if USA, Japan, India, Brazil, Saudi and Uganda have the same currency, namely Unos. In this age of absolutely equality at the basic level, we should consider all grown up individuals earning less than 100 Unos a month as below the poverty level, irrespective of his or her purchasing power at any part of the world.
Having a common currency the world over will definitely change the world forever and bring down the level of violence that is rising due to the increasing income disparity. All  humans are essentially equal and UNO must be aiming for the basic equality (with fundamental rights to food, clothing, shelter, education and health) irrespective of the race, religion or nationality. A common world currency Unos will go a long way in the path to achieving the basic essential equality among homo sapiens which none of the ideologies or religions could achieve so far.   

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