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Three Key Qualities In Life.
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If I had to pick three key qualities to be known for and to carry in all personal and business dealings, qualities that will line you up for success and happiness, then these are them.
Live by these, and people and success and happiness will grativate towards you.


This is such a rare quality nowadays. People make promises, vows and commitments so lightly, as if it means nothing to break your word, your honour and ultimately your power.
But if you can be known as someone who simply and without fuss does as he says, it will make you stand out like a bright light. And people always gravitate towards the light.
It will mean that people will be able to trust you, they will believe you, and they will want to work with you.

Make it a simple rule in your life: keep your word, honour your promises, and see your commitments through. What a simple way to distinguish yourself from the crowd.


Most of us, every day of our lives, are presented with the chance to be honest or to cheat. Most of the time it is with tiny, inconsequential things, but it isn't about the 'things', it is about setting habits and patterns in our behaviour.

And if we are trustworthy with the little matters then it will be easier to be trustworthy with the important ones. Always be honest in your dealings with those around you. People will notice it, appreciate it, and they will want to have you on their side.


The final quality I list in the magic three is to be t he sort of person who comes alive and t hrives in a crisis. Every adventure in life, will have a crisis is a prerequisite for success. There will be a key moment when the whole mission hangs in the balance....
This is your time to you react and act during those cr itical hours will often determine the outcome of the mission.

So be ready for it, think clearly, and act decisively. Don't rest until crisis is resolved. This is your moment. Stand up tall, suppress your fears, grab the reins and ride it home with success.

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Comment Excellent blog. Love it. Couldn't resist but remember on your Point # 1 It is Better to Poison than to Give a False Promise

08/03/2013 20:56 PM

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