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Some Pearls Of Wisdom
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*** It's impossible to overstate the value of one day in life.

*** Living one day at a time is a key to happiness.

*** Living each day as though it were our last.

*** Do something for someone else, every day, if possible.

*** Have some fun, some relaxation, each day.

*** Be statisfied with a good day's work.

*** Good habits make our daily lives easier.

*** It,s important to bury the past, to let it move on with your life.

*** Don't waste today preparing for tomorrow.

*** No matter how bad things look at night, they usually look better in the morning.

*** We can't be afraid of the future, we must learn to trust the future.

*** We bore ourselves, and it's up to us to overcome boredom.

*** Good things often result from difficult things.

*** Patience is a key to success and happiness in life.

*** Avoid negative, cynical, pessimistic thinking in life.

*** We create our own situations and circumstances in life.

*** Our faith and belief create our success in life.

*** Our positive attitudes create our success.

*** Our thoughts determine our lives.

*** Our thoughts affect our bodies and our health.

*** We get out of life what we put into it.

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