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Young Couples...Read This Before You Have Kids
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Why do you want children?

What are you not prepared to sacrifice when you become a parent?

What do you fear most about being a parent?

To what extent do you surrender control of your life when you become a parent?

What do you need to change about yourself before you have children?

If your child could see the way you treat the people in your life right now, what would your child learn?

If it is true that life's greatest lessons come from our greatest challenges, do you thin that being a parent will be your greatest challenge?


How do you expect your lifestyle to change when children come?

What does it take in terms of personal character to be a full-time mom or dad?

How much selfishness are you willing to give up to be a parent?

Is quality parenting more an issue of intuition or of acquired knowledge?

What efforts will you make to ensure that you are a parent who does what you say?

Are great relationships with children a matter of luck or the result of attention and effort?

Is a parent's role to teach his or her children what to think or how to think?

What uncertainties come with parenthood?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that having children is necessary so that you will taken care of in your old age?

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