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What I Have Learned From Life
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Envy is the enemy of happiness.

Love is a great investment. No matter whom you give it to, it returns great dividends.

If want to get promoted, you must do things that get noticed.

If you wait until all conditions are perfect before you act, you'll never act.

You either control your attitude or it controls you.

Success is more often the result of hard work that of talent.

The best advice you can give anyone is, "BE KIND."

It's okay to be content with what you have, but never with what you are.

Regardless of how little you have, you can always give comfort and encouragement.

The greatest risk in life is in thinking too small.

You should fill your life with experiences, not excuses.

It is impossible to accomplish anything worthwhile without the help of other people.

People don't want advice, but undertsanding.

The secret of success in business is simple...give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

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