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Why Noodles are Harmful
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Amitabh Bachchan may be endorsing noodles. But are noodles really good for health ? Nowadays, there is lot of focus on wheat atta noodles and people believe that it is healthy. But in reality, noodles invariably contain vanaspathi which gives them the shape. Too much vanaspathi is harmful for health. “Eating noodles once in a while is fine”, says nutritionist Kumud Raj. “ However, if it becomes a regular habit then it can be risky as it has been proved that regular consumption of noodles can lead to obesity in children.” Manasi Erappa adds, “ I made the colossal mistake of pandering to my daughter’s demand for Noodles. Today, she is 7 and obese and I am consulting a fat loss specialist in Jaya Nagar”. Some parents like Nageshwari Sairam do use noodles as a once-in-a-snack. “ But I make sure that I add lot of vegetables in it. These vegetables, I am sure, will counter act the negative effects of Noodles”, says Ms Sairam. She saw a recipe of “Veggie Maggie” in the Sulekha.com website and highly recommends it. Deepak Gore, another nutritionist, cautions about the use of ajino motto in the Masala powder that accompanies the packet of noodles. “Ajino motto is not recommended for young children. Sometimes, it can cause allergic reactions in the body”, warns Gore.
So, parents do not get lured by the advertisements shown on television. The celebrities who endorse them (products like Noodles) will never consume them in real life. While they make money through such endorsements, they will ensure that you spend your hard earned money on medical care that can be easily avoided.

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