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Krish 3 : Why its success will be a miracle
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In one of the multiplexes near Trinity Circle in Bangalore, popcorns are priced between Rs.150 and Rs.250. A samosa costs Rs.70. A bowl of potato wedges is priced at Rs.110. After a recent report in the TOI asking movie-goers to shun these snacks and instead have a breakfast or a sumptuous lunch at nearby Vasudev Adiga’s the sales of these snacks has drastically dropped. The report asked viewers to eschew consumption of these grossly over-priced snacks. The report said that it is better to avoid excess calories and also save a few rupees in the process.

Coming to the main point, we saw the trailers of Krish 3 and feel it will be a huge miracle if the movie succeeds at the box office.

Some questions?

1.       Why Krish3 when there was no Krish2?
2.       Kangana Ranuat was not so lucky for the Roshans. Remember Kites?
3.       The debacle of movies like Robot and  RA-one should have dissuaded Roshan Senior in making this movie. Too much of action and unbelievable stunt sequences are jarring. Special effects are an eye-sore.
4.       There is a limit up to which one can milk the brand. Krish brand has been milked enough.
5.       Can’t we hope to see the Sr Roshan making movies like Khoon Bhari Mang, Khud garz and Kaho Na Pyar Hai once again? Indian audiences are longing for a movie with a strong content and none of these special effects can ever hope to achieve the same effect.
6.       Why can’t Sr Roshan re-make his own movie -  “Kaam chor” ?

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Comment Hello Satya, Its time for you to change the contents of your blog. I m sure this comment is not going to be published (as it is not in agreement to what is written in the post), but still i will write and get it out of my head atleast... Why can't we appreciate the effort Mr. Roshan is making in changing the way Indian movies are been directed... its a good and a required change that we need. i will now say that all your above points are proven of no base since the film is doing much much is the sixth day of the release and the collections have crossed 150 crore... i wouldn't go without mentioning that please dont compare it with Ra one or robot.... Comparisons are and should be made where there is some similarties.... Mr. Roshan has exceeded all the to-date sci-fi film makers in India... and he has retained his texture of films... see the love in a family... relation between a father and a son... a husband and a wife...

11/07/2013 13:36 PM

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