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Healthy Foods You Can Eat
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BEANS....dry beans, including lentils, are incredibly nutrient-dense, and the best among them is the kidney bean. Thry're full of vitamins and minerals that are good for the heart, bones and organ functioning, and will satiate hunger with a low number of calories.

LIQUID YOGURT....are full of healthy probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. The pantothenic acid helps energy metabolism, and the high concentration of iodine is particularly good for the thyroid.

SALMON....Tasty and low-cal, salmon has healthy omega-3 fatty acids that your body needs for brain function and development. It's also high in niacin, which works to lower cholesterol.

MUSHROOMS....A high density of vitamin B2 means they are especially helpful for metabolizing fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

LOBSTER....Lobster is one of the best sources of selenium and zinc.

SOYBEANS....Soybeans are so jammed full of healthfulness that they rank as a top source of different nutrients, including both soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps digestion and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.

SPINACH.....It contains vitamin K is good for blood clotting, which s healthy person needs, and the manganese supports bone health, muscle strength, fertility and insulin production.

PORK is full of B vitamins, it's good for healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver, as well as the nervous system.

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Comment I should've said "vertebrates other than scaly (bony) fish". I still eat those (but no amphibians, reptiles, birds or mammals). (I won't go into the reasons for not wanting to eat gristly fish [sharks and their relatives].) Fish are so basic to the Japanese culture that Buddhists in Japan are allowed to eat fish. There are problems with eating such fish, too, though: 1) the "dolphin safe" emblem on the label of canned tunafish is misleading (the new nets reduce but do not avoid the drowning of huge numbers of dolphins (porpoises) [also sea turtles and sharks]), so I no longer buy that, 2) fish farms feed their fish (salmon, trout, etc.) large amounts of antibiotics (cattle raisers do this to cows, too), and 3) canned tunafish has been found with dangerous amounts of so-called "heavy metals" (mainly mercury, I think). It looks like there's no place to hide anymore. The entire planet is toxic and radioactive. Eventually humankind will poison itself to death and save the planet in the process.

Daniel Rey M.
09/26/2013 13:45 PM

Comment Legumes (bean, soybean, lima bean, pea, chick pea, lentil) are delicious but many people, like myself, lack the digestive enzyme needed to deal with them once they're ingested, which leads to the production of gases, and this is painful and intolerable. The said enzyme can be bought at certain stores, something I've never done and will never bother to do. This is similar to the problem people lacking lactase (which breaks down the lactose) have when they drink milk. Abstaining from ingesting beans was one of the rules of the school of Pythagoras. Moreover, soybean has 1) a substance that interferes with the digestion process, which makes it an anti-digestive food, and 2) plant estrogen, so if a man eats large amounts it will feminize him, just as it will help women who have reached the menopause, because it will be like a hormone substitution therapy. Encouraging people to eat the flesh of vertebrates is irresponsible. It is packed with adrenaline, which causes a state of acute tension. Murderers are addicted to adrenaline. Every time they kill, the rush of that substance in their body excites them. Flesh is home to many aggressive bacteria. The list of additional health problems that have been linked to that kind of flesh is quite long. For example, badly cooked pork is extremely dangerous, which is why Jews and Muslims don't eat that. This makes one wonder whether or not you have links to the pork industry.

Daniel Rey M.
09/22/2013 22:35 PM

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