Prayers go up and Blessings Come Down

We all live in the hope that we’ll remain safe and comfortable as we approach the age when dependence on others can become inevitable.
I stayed in an island where medical facilities were limited. If someone becomes defectively sick, he/she had to go to a nearby island for a better treatment. Due to this, all islanders try to protect themselves with precautions and good diet. I met many teachers from different nations and enjoyed working with them, though I had to face a few difficulties with unkind, selfish and irresponsible humans. I used to ask myself – “Do people dodge their duties and run away from helping others?” I realized that some people miss their homely atmosphere, love from relatives and comfort though they’re very rich, in a place where I work to ease my life financially.
One fine day, while I was getting ready to school, I heard the news of a very old teacher who was sick admitted to the hospital and was in a serious condition. He suffered from Blood Pressure, Diabetes and sudden body pains at his workstation for a long time. He came to my work place, as he did not get proper medical amenities, the better service in hospital and treatment. He was resting in the bed and looking pale. I approached and asked him, “How are you, Sir? Are you hungry? What do you like to eat at the moment?” He was extremely happy to see me as I am from his native place and was speaking the same language which he speaks. He really enthralled to see me and appreciated my kindness. As I understood his feelings, I immediately provided him some delicious food and a cup of tea.
He realized that someone would help him in his sickness, though it is a new place where many strangers survive around him. He told his companion with extreme happiness that I was from his place and talked the same language. In fact, we love our mother tongue and may have special love to the people who are from our native. It’s my personal assumption or feeling. Finally, I could assist him and spend an hour with him, enquiring his difficulties, diseases and treatment procedures. He felt that he was in a comfortable place amidst efficient doctors and good medical facilities. It gave him a nice feeling.
Thereafter, the old man thanked me for my generosity and friendly talk to him at that moment. He said, “How difficult to get warmth and a friendly person in an unknown place, and when I suffer from health issues?” Finally, I could see him smiling with ease. He blessed me, “May the almighty give you happiness and health always.” I was happy to get his blessings. After the treatment, the doctors advised him to rest at his residence for a few months, until he becomes alright. He was sent to his place by the school authorities. In the end, I knew his name, residential address and phone number and assured that I would visit him one day.
During the annual vacation, I tried to find out his address and speak to his daughter-in-law. She explained that he expired within a month after reaching home, though he was under medication. I felt very sad as I couldn’t visit him for the second time. I recalled his blessings and affection. Many people say that, blessings may work on us and give us a pleasant feeling. “Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.”

More By  :  Setaluri Padmavathi

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