How Centre is Going Forward on Telangana

On 30th July this year the CWC has taken a decision to bifurcate the state of Andhra Pradesh and create a seperate Telangana state.The issue of seperate statehood for Telangana is very old. It was almost dead after the late Dr Marri Channa Reddy was made the chief minister of AP.  After discontent brewed in the heart of Mr. K. Chandrasekhar Rao who was with Telugu Desam party and had parted ways with that party. He inorder to have a platform for his political survival had rekindled the emotions of the people of Telangana and started a hate campaign against the people of Seemandhra and the gullible people fell for it. Some other disgruntled elements joined hands with KCR and the movement gathered momentum. It came to a climax with his so called fast unto death at NIMS Hospital in 2009.  He literally blackmailed the centre to announce the formation of Telangana.  Of course the desire of some of the influential people in the UPA with special reference to Mr Chidambaram were keen on reducing the dependence on this state by the Congress Party with their 42 MPs. But the strong oppostion for this move which has erupted in the rest of the state  put the centre in a dilemma and the proposal was put on hold.

With this the movement was once again fanned by selfish interests of the politicians and others and SriKrishna Committee was formed and it had submitted it's report and all that has happened post SriKrishna Committee is history. It is here that the congress high command has played it's hand well and got over the selfish politicians of Seemandhra.  Apparently they have assured Madam to go ahead with the division and they will take care of the people.  They have not anticipated the severe and strong resentment among the people and they certainly were not prepared for such prolanged and severe agitation by the people of Seemandhra. A situation has arisen where instead of the leaders leading the people they were forced to follow the people for which they were not prepared. They had to support the movement on one hand and be obidient to madam on the other.  So all the drama of resignations,etc was enacted very successfully and many politicians who have submitted their resgnations must have heaved a sigh of relief when the same were rejected by the speaker.

The MLAs  MPs and state and central minsters from Seemandhra belonging to the Congress party know that their future is in jeopardy and they are not sure of another term. So they want to make "Hey while the Sun Shines".  Hence under one pretext or other are not quitting their posts.
Here again the Congress high command headed by the Madam has successully divided the rank and file of the congress leaders of the state with probable lures of Ministerial berths other lucrative posts and the possibility  of grabbing  a lion's share of the special package in the form of financial assistance and other concessions that are sure to be doled out to the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh.  Added to this is the possibility of the people again voting them back to power once they resign to their fate however distant that might be. Hence they gave a go ahead to the high command to go ahead with the bifurcation of the state.   The high command also for its's own selfish reasons like roping in the support of TRS in Telangana and YSRCP in Seemandhra is only too willing to go along.  It knows pretty well that the coming general elections in 2014 are not going to be in its favour. If by any miracle it is able to achieve a position of  being able to form the next governemnt the support of these two regional parties is going to be crucial to it.

In this selfish game of politicians and so called leaders, their own interests are taking precedence over that of the people with whose votes only the leaders are where theyare now. Unless the people realize thistruth about their representatives and teach them a fitting lesson they will continue to be exploited and they will be ignored.

More By  :  Nagesh Chavali

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Comment "KCR rekindled the emotions of the people for political survival" could be. "hate campiagn against the people of seemandhra" biased.... one sided. Please do not think the people of Telangana are so easily carried away. From people's perspective its not only political but also other facts and figures. The voice for bifurcation is not against the seemandhra common peple but against politcal and business intersted people exploting the resouces unethically. Then Andhra Pradesh was the first state to be formed on Language basis. Now It will the first state to symbolise formation of states based on resource availabilty and easy and better administration. All similar demands in other states should be considered and honored if proved worth and reasonable.

d vara prasad
31-Oct-2013 18:23 PM

Comment Well summarized the 'otjher side' of the story.

BS Murthy
26-Oct-2013 07:38 AM

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